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And for the first time in 7 or 8 years, I'm not at Renewal. This is only now starting to feel weird. Every now and again, we look at the clock and say "if we were there, we'd be doing this right now..." and for some reason I'm not desperately wishing I was!

Yesterday was what bank holidays should be about. Lazy morning, trip to Asda to buy food and booze (we may have overspent this week - three bottles of wine and a huge bottle of vodka we werent expecting to buy... ooops), spent most of the day playing Medieval 2: Total War - Kingdoms (the Americas campaign, as New Spain), then spent the evening playing Champions of Norath on Andy's PS2 (Thanks to Ros for the heads up on this game - we found it in Bournemouth in a Gamestation while looking desperately for Baldurs Gate Dark Alliance 2).

We didnt go to bed till 3am, we were enjoying the looting so much!

Today is Jamie's birthday, so far all we have done is play with his birthday present (a Creative Zen Stone mp3 player) and search fruitlessly for an NHS dentist who actually answers the phone. See last night I was eating some giant chocolate buttons what I had put in the freezer, and I managed to break off the side of one of my teeth. Luckily (!) it was one that was already filled, so instead of exposing nerves its just exposed filling. I called my dentist this morning, and the woman was very rude at me and talked over me and didnt really listen to me, and wouldnt give me anything sooner than the 10th September. So I've been looking on the internets for any other NHS dentists in the area and trying to call them, but noone is answering. Lines are all busy. And there's only about three practises actually registering NHS adults, and I can't afford to go private. So I guess its going to have to wait 2 weeks, which is really irritating. It doesnt hurt, but I can't stop playing with it, cos it feels all weird. I wonder how he will fix it?

Plan for the day is mostly relaxing. Will almost definately involve more computer games, and also hopefully the dyeing of my hair. We have chicken for lunch (thighs and drumsticks - we had them roasted last night with lemon and [homegrown] tarragon, today we'll have them with the 'seasoning for chicken' because we're lazy) and we're having aubergines for dinner, provided we can go out and find some as Asda didnt have any yesterday. The starter I had in the restaurant on Saturday was aubergines in a tomato sauce with mozarella on top, and we have a recipe for it from the James Martin Collection, so we're going to try it out. So we'll need to go on an aubergine hunt later on as well.

Fidget's been excessively soppy since we got back, is following us around like a lost puppy, constantly leaping up for cuddles and not leaving us alone. its very cute. last night he fell asleep on his armchair while we were playing games, and ended up fast asleep on his back with all four legs in the air! I took pictures, will post at some point.
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On March 9th 2008 my laptop died. We took it to be repaired. It came back, and was still broken. So we took it back again.

Got a phonecall the other day saying "your laptop is fixed! you can come and get it".

So today I went and picked it up after work, got it home, turned it on...

yeah, its still dead. 2 months later and they haven't fixed it at all. we shall be going over there tomorrow morning and Jamie is going to get cross and I shall stamp my foot and we shall demand a replacement.

I only hope I can recover all my files/folders from the broken one though (it seems to be a hardware issue, but not the hard disk, so it should all still be there and ok and accessible), since all my music/photos/documents are on there and they're not backed up anywhere. i shall be most upset if I lose all of that.

So yeah, Tinky is sad and cross this evening.


Mar. 10th, 2008 06:54 pm
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Yay, that was ridiculously easy!

Sky broadband is go! Not sure how easy it will be for Andy to get his computer sorted with the network and things, cos we have a new router, but thats his problem, not mine. and my laptop (when i get it back) will be even easier, because the wireless network is set up on the router before it arrived, so its already secure and I have the passcode to get in on a handy bit of card (and on the side of the router),

So far so good, seems to be fast enough. Yay for saving us 7.99 a month :-)
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Although, of a minor nature I suppose, in the grand scheme of things.

My laptop has died! Thankfully, its covered by a 2 year warranty, and the internet shop i bought it from opened a branch literally 5 minutes down the road from us, so while I was learning this morning, Jamie took it down with the receipt and they're checking it out as we speak. if they can't fix the problem, they'll rescue my hard drive and replace the laptop. So I'll be able to recover all my music/photos/files, which is handy, as none of its backed up anywhere!

Still, things are on the up. the magical numbers 12 - 16 have made my day, and so far Scotland are up 9 - 3 against England, which is fabulous.

Last night in the pub i mistakenly took on some bets with work colleagues about this weekends games, I have 10 quid riding on the Italy France game tomorrow (I have Italy, Alan has France) and I had a tenner on the Wales game too (which I have of course won).

First day of Corporate and Business Law today, it was actually relatively interesting and so I am not so concerned about it now. I just need to stay on top of things and make sure my exam technique is good, and I'll be fine. For both exams. So I'm happy about that.

And of course there are kittens and they are (as usual) exceptionally cute. nothing cheers me up quite like cats, I have to admit. Whether they're mine or not!

Which reminds me, the route I use to cycle to town is full of kittens! Sort of 6-8 month old kittens I think, in a variety of colours. There's a ginger one who looks a bit like Elmo, a really friendly black one, another ginger one, a black and white one with longer hair, I spotted a silvery-grey spotty one (similar pattern to the spotty Bengals) today, and a grey and white one. They're all very cute, I always see them pottering about, a few of them are friendly enough to stop and say hello to, but most are wary of the noises my bike makes so wont come too close. But they make me smile on my way to and from work every day (and to and from my courses, because the courses are in the office next door to my work!)
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the wireless network in my house does not seem to work in our bathroom.

this is annoying, as the prospect of browsing ebay while on the loo was quite entertaining!


May. 26th, 2007 10:38 am
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Yay! Finally got me a laptop! Which means I can sit in front of my telly and surf the net at the same time! Wirelessly!

Its very pretty, has Windows Vista as well.

Everybody go "oooooh"

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Ok well I tried to update yesterday but it crashed and wouldnt update, so here goes again

Computers! We have new computers! Jamie's is working perfectly, mine however is not. Jamie and Andy are at this minute driving to RL Supplies in Watford, to get the motherboard replaced as it is faulty.

When it is working however, it will be beautiful!

In other news, Jamie and I have given up smoking. Today is DAY 4. I am coping admirably, no cravings or anything. I am however getting snappy, and have a tendency to want to cry more than is usual. Jamie is coping badly. He has massive cravings, especially first thing in the morning, he's extremely irritable and isnt feeling particularly well. He is starting to improve, however, and being off work means he can do things like clean the kitchen, and play Half Life 2 (on his shiny new machine) to keep his mind off it.

So all in all, its not going too badly
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well we managed to get to the bottom of why my hard drives keep getting corrupted - the fan which cools a chip on my motherboard failed, and it overheated. Which means the hard disks are fine, but the motherboard will most likely have to go.

Fraz reckons I should be able to replace the fan and it'll be fine, but I may as well get a new motherboard/processor while I'm at it, mightn't I.


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