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So having slept on it (somewhat awkwardly, as I couldnt really curl up on my left or my right sides), I am now in a better position to say just how injured I am from yesterday's "bike + black ice = ow" incident.

My hip hurts. The bruise which I was expecting is starting to show, but its currently the size of a very small thing, and completely overshadowed by last week's "Tinky + gate = ow" incident (at least, I think thats what it was, I don't really remember bashing into anything and now I have a massive bruise). However - far more irritating - the accident seems to have jarred my neck somewhat, and now all down the right side of my neck really hurts, and I can't really turn my head in any direction, so I'm having to walk around doing a "George Clooney as Batman" impression all the time.

If the neck doesnt improve, there will be no climbing tomorrow :-(

Oh no!

Aug. 4th, 2008 06:38 pm
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Morgan Freeman's been in a car crash! I hope he's ok, I like him.

In other news, today has been excessively dull. My left shoulder aches like anything, my right hamstring also aches and my right ankle has been a little wobbly, but not anywhere near as bad as yesterday. Damn my climbing without having done any real exercise for a couple of weeks!

Plan was for Jamie and me to go to the gym together tonight, but we are both too sore so we will be doing it tomorrow evening instead.

Which means this evening I can devote to planning house moving things.

On my agenda tonight - how to arrange my new desk! I have lots of stationery, and arts and crafts type materials, and they all need somewhere to live. also the important paperwork needs a sensible, organised, permanent home.

Today I bought my gamecube controllers and memory card (all in the sale in Game!) so now I'm just waiting for my games to turn up so I can play them to death :-) Want them to be here already! Will also be cool because they are both cooperative games, so Jamie and I can play together.

Wanted to play something tonight, but none of the PS2 or Playstation games we have are interesting enough.

Also, Jamie investigated new wheels today, and it looks like its only going to set us back £25 or so. Which is good.

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Well my cunning plan for Saturday (as posted on Saturday morning) fell over sort of halfway through, when a brief stay at the cat show became several hours at the cat show with much accompanying wine.

Bad Caro!

I got a lift back with Ros and Matt, and promptly threw up and fell over into bed as soon as I got home. I slept through till about 9.30, when Jamie woke me up so we could watch Doctor Who. Watched Dr Who, then went straight back to bed and slept till 4.30 am or so. Had to get up and go to the loo, came back to bed, went back to sleep, woke up again around 6am when Andy came home (he'd been out on the lash with a hot Polish girl), went back to sleep but eventually got up at around 8am feeling very refreshed!

Pottered about the house while Jamie carried on snoozing, made myself tasty breakfast (eggs and toast). Jamie got up, he had a bit of a headache but we decided to go out anyway.

Drove to Guildford in the baking sunshine, got to climbing place around half ten. Spent ages in the shop getting rock shoes for Jamie, and harnesses for both of us, and the relevant bits of kit. Then became members of Craggy Island, and went for a climb :-)

We were both feeling it after not very long (not so much muscles, but general tiredness and Jamie's headache and the heat - after all, I hadn't really eaten anything the day before!) so we only did 5 or 6 climbs each. Stuck to the grade 3 & 4 routes, the 4's were quite tricksy, so I think next weekend we have already decided to go again and spend a decent amount of time there, so maybe we'll nail the 4s and try a few 4+ or 5's. We left there around a quarter to one, and drove home, via a nice pub called "The Hunters Lodge" which is pricey but has a lovely garden (and the food looks fab, one weekend when we have spare cash we're going to actually have lunch there on the way home from climbing) and Sainsburys, where we did the food shopping.

Once home, we decided to spend the afternoon sorting out Bloodbowl models, but inside was all dark and dingy so we went outside. However, outside it was too hot and sunny, so I did a mercy run to Argos to pick up a parasol and base while Jamie did the washing up. Then we sat outside and did stuff. Jamie cleaned up his wood elf team for undercoating (my god that was a huge effort - every single model had ridiculously obvious mould lines all the way around them), while I cleaned up my two new chaos dwarves and undercoated the Chaos Dwarf team (only the Minotaur had been painted previously, and one hobgoblin). Then I set about painting a chaos dwarf. He looks kinda cool, with his big silly hat :-)

My two bull centaur models arrived today, so this evening I will clean them up, glue them together and undercoat them as well, before carrying on with dwarf painting.

Its quite nice to have evenings and weekends which I can do what I like in, without having to feel guilty because I ought to be doing other things like revision, or sorting out LARP stuff.

I have plenty of housework to be getting on with as well though!

As you will have seen from the previous post, Rosco and Bo are all settled in with Jamie's parents now. Apparently they are having a whale of a time. Rosco managed to find his way upstairs yesterday, they couldnt find either kitten because Bo had gone exploring underneath a huge pile of stuff, and Rosco had escaped upstairs.

Also in the cat world - We got Fidget a catnip cigar at the show on Saturday - all he's done since I took it home is lick it and chew it and sit around in a bit of a drugged up haze :-) very cute.
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So, I meant to go to the gym last night, I really did. Was all up for it when I was in work, and then somewhere on the walk home I think I dropped my enthusiasm, because once I got home I had just enough inclination to hoover the front room and do some exam practise for Tax, before collapsing in a heap and refusing to do anything else.

Swimming tonight though, I absolutely must go, for my arms are feeling 100% better after the climbing and I need to do exercise!

Yesterday aftermoon kind of slipped a little, instead of my nice healthy afternoon snack of carrot sticks, I instead guzzled down an alarming quantity of shortbread. Ooops.

Today I am back on track though (well, except for the hula-hoops I'm currently shoveling down) for even though I spent part of today's lunch money on coke yesterday, I successfully scrounged £2 off a work colleague and managed to pick up a nice baguette, me crisps and some buy-one-get-one-free Dr Pepper Zero (which is tasty nice and zero calories, yes I know its still bad for me, but one vice at a time, ok?).

Have been having an interesting few days in work, Tuesday we had massive power cut and system was down for ages. Yesterday we had total system failure in the afternoon. Today we had mini system failure this morning, but I've managed to keep myself busy until now. System is back up and running now though, so once I've had lunch I can actually do some work!

Day off tomorrow, which is going to consist of the following:
1. Nip down the canal and take photos of the swan's nest for Ro
2. Drive to Guildford and buy climbing gear - ostensibly we're just going down for shoes for Jamie, but I fancy we'll have a look at harnesses and things as well. we've got £190 to play with, so if Jamie's shoes cost £75 ish that means we should have enough spare to get harnesses from the cheaper end of the range (£50 ish each)
3. Drive to Wales. This is the biggie, as its a 4 hour drive from ours to Mum & Dad's. If we can leave by 12, we'll get there before rush hour starts, which is useful.
4. Spend evening with Mum and Dad. This will involve tasty food, some sort of wine, my beautiful little girl-cats who I don't get to see anywhere near enough of (its their birthday next week as well, they'll be 14).

Saturday is the wedding of excessive-having-to-drive-around-the-place, but it should be a laugh.

Then on Sunday we'll be having lunch with Jamie's Mum and Dad, and probably talking a great deal about the new kitten that they have decided to get. He's a very cute brown tabby, answers to the name... Rosco! After showing them pics of Caro's litter, they have fallen in love with the Maine Coon tots, and are going to be taking home a hillbilly :-) which is awesome.


Apr. 21st, 2008 10:11 am
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ok, so 6 hours of climbing split over two days was perhaps a little too much for my poor body to cope with. I am in a rather interesting form of agony. If I sit still, I'm fine. If I move my legs, I'm fine. If I try to do anything whatsoever with my arms, I am in lots of pain. Particularly around the tricep/shoulder area, and the forearms. For example, pulling my chair under my desk hurts a lot. Using a stapler hurts, a lot. Typing isnt so bad, but anything requiring me to grip anything (say lifting a half empty lever arch file from my desk) hurts like hell.

I'm sure I'll recover quickly enough, although I don't think I'll be doing any rowing tonight!

I'll take it relatively gently in the pool on Tuesday evening as well, just to make sure I don't break anything.

Got a weekend off from it, anyway, because of the wedding this weekend, so we should be more than recovered before we go back in May :-) 


Mar. 10th, 2008 10:57 am
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I really don't like this whole consecutive weekends for courses thing I've got going on. Due to Tax on Sunday last, and Law on both days this weekend, today is now day 9 of my marathon 13-days-without-a-day-off. And I'm starting to get a little sleepy and distracted. I'm also hungry, which doesnt help, and since I didnt have time to do the food shopping this weekend, I have no food! May have to nip over the road and get something snacky to get me through to lunchtime.

Fortunately, I have plenty of work to be getting on with, otherwise I'd be going quite mad!

I am hoping that work wont be too stressful this week, because I'm not sure if I could cope if something went horribly wrong!

Of course, I'm not going to have much in the way of relaxing weekends anyway, for the next few weeks, cos of all the work I have to do for my courses! Don't have to do too much for Tax, cos I've only got one day's worth of home study, but before the next Law weekend (5/6 April) I have to do all the home study, practise questions and then do the first course exam!

And with the rugby this weekend, that wipes out Saturday completely. The following weekend is Easter, so I'll be at Caro's on the Saturday, but at least I'll have the monday off to do work (I shall be relaxing on Good Friday!). The weekend after is the next weekend of my Tax course, so I'll not be doing any work then, and then its the second Law weekend. So lots of work in the evenings for me.

So yeah, busy busy busy.

Wow when put like that the exams really don't seem all that far away! And also, by the time that schedule is done, it'll be halfway through the year already, and I'll be hurtling towards our 3rd anniversary! Where has all this time gone?

Still, at least it doesnt provide much opportunity for spending money irresponsibly!

Rock on!

Nov. 18th, 2007 08:14 pm
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I am having a very nice weekend. Well, except for the persecution I am currently suffering at the hands of Mr Fidget. i briefly mentioned it on [personal profile] rhube's journal yesterday, but I will explain here. On Friday night, at some point during the night I turned over, and kicked Fidget off the bed. He woke Jamie up with his cry of protest as he sailed through the air, and woke me up with the crashing sound as he landed on our bedroom bin. He jumped back up on the bed, but sulked at the foot until I went back to sleep. At which point he decided he obviously really needed a wee, and that I would have to get up and deal with it. So he climbed all over my head, and started wailing, so i got up, came downstairs, saw it was his breakfast time, fed him, and went back upstairs grumbling "you can use your litter tray, you can't go outside cos you aint got a collar on". So he ignores his food, and five minutes later, as I'm sinking back into a sort of doze, he's back upstairs, wailing away. So i put his collar on and came downstairs to let him out, and decided to stay up.

Managed to convince Jamie to go food shopping in the morning, and also to go swimming with me at lunchtime! Then we had an afternoon of Heineken Cup Rugby on the telly, which was kind of bad for the Welsh teams cos they all lost. Best we could muster was a draw for Cardiff Blues, against Harlequins of all teams, so an embarrassing performance all round really,

Then we ate yummy chicken from M&S which was very tasty.

Today, I was also woken up lots by Mr Fidget while I slept, as he clambered about and wailed and was generally annoying. Think he hasnt quite forgiven me for throwing him out of bed yet! Got up, had breakfast, and then Jamie and I went on an adventure.

We went to Craggy Island, which is an indoor climbing centre in Guildford. We had a private tuition session booked (all the taster sessions were fully booked up for ages, so we booked a private tuition session, which was an hour instead of an hour and a half, but was one-on-two, rather than one-on-six, so on balance it was better I think) and it was awesome! We had a very brief safety discussion (which was basically, don't be silly) and then we were straight up on the walls. A quick practice on the traversing wall and then we were off! We'd been watching from the cafe for a good half an hour, and those walls are bloody high up when you get to the top. Watching people was making me feel sick (I've never been great at heights) but I have to say, once you do it yourself, and you're actually up on the wall, you don't notice the height at all! You're far too obsessed with where the hell you're going to put your foot next, or which route you're going to take etc. Jamie was worried that I wouldnt be able to hold his weight when he was climbing, but we proved very quickly that I was more than capable. And apparently they have bags of sand that you can clip to your harness to add extra ballast, if the weight difference is too great.

Overall, it was very enjoyable. Lots of hard work, made more difficult because we were wearing trainers not climbing shoes so the grip was a lot less. Chris, our instructor, said I was very good, and he was very impressed. Apparently my belaying technique is very good. We managed every climb he gave us, except the last one which had an overhang bit and not very many easy hand holds, so our fingers slipped a lot.

So, the next step is to go on the beginners course which ends with a test, which if you pass, allows you to climb independently. They're booked up till Christmas though, so that will be in January. Its expensive, £89 each for the 6 hour course, but we had so much fun, and it was such a good work out, that we're definately going to do it.

Just need to pick up some climbing shoes, cos trainers are no good and although you can hire them, we'd prefer to have our own.

My body is in muscle-related agony now though - shoulders, back, forearms, calves. All very sore! But I am sure, when I am doing it regularly, I shall not be so badly affected!

So, my new fitness regime will be:
cycling (or walking) to work and back every day
swimming (half an hour or so) on Tuesday and Thursday evenings
Gym (half an hour or so) on Wednesday (fat-burn) and Friday (cardio) lunchtimes
And climbing on Sundays (hour or so)
Oh, and daily sit-ups.

This, combined with a renewed effort to eat healthily (including eating a decent breakfast before I go to work - I have new organic cornflakes!) and to reduce my unhealthy snack intake, should mean that by next summer (when Jamie and I intend to go on holiday somewhere warm and sunny and relaxing) I will have a body I will be willing to bare on a beach and be proud of. Yay!

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