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I feel like I'm the only person in the world who has to go to work today. I know this is untrue, and that in order for me to be doing the things I'd rather be doing, other people would have to be in work anyway (like the barmaids and chefs in the pub, for example). Its just very unfair, that Jamie has already finished (At 12) and gone to the pub and then homeward to watch the rugby, which kicks off at 2.05. And I have to stay here. Where there are 7 or so other people in the office, who also would all rather be at home not working.

I spent most of my morning in the filing room, tidying it up and sorting stuff out. Better than working, I suppose.

Briefly met up with Jamie at lunchtime to sort out one of my Christmas presents (he's very sweet, he bought me a book of music for the piano, even came all the way home to check I didn't already have it.. but didn't check well enough!), exchanging the "Cats" music for "Chicago". Even saved him money, as the Chicago music book was cheaper than the Cats one by £2!

Now I want to go home, and play "Class" on my piano. And watch Sweeney Todd because I bought Jamie some extra Christmas presents the other day (being as how his presents he bought for me were much better than the presents I'd bought for him) and included in those was the Sweeney Todd DVD for £5 from HMV. Odd, but both the single disc edition and the two disc special edition were the same price in the sale! (I also got him Zoolander for £3, and the Duffy album).

But I have to stay here till half five, so I guess there's going to be more filing activity this afternoon. It does need to be done, although I don't think I'll be able to finish it today - there's 15 cupboards (each with 5 shelves). So far I've done 3 of them, which took me 2 hours. I have 3 hours or so to go, so I should get another 3 or 4 done today. Do the rest next week, I think. Roll on my 4 day weekend!
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Anyone else out there back in work today? I'm the only person in from my particular bank of desks, so I'm all alone with noone to talk to! Fortunately for me, I have tons of work to do and music to listen to, so its not going to be awful. Just dull and quiet.

Doesnt really feel like I've been off for any real length of time, or had a real break. I guess the 3 hour drive to Wales doesn't really help with that!

Hopefully my 4 day weekend this week will feel more like a break - we're not doing anything for New Years (as usual) so there's no huge drive, no massive drinking, no lack of sleep to contend with. Just 4 days off with nothing to do except relax and have fun. With added trip to London on Saturday to see the Lion King in the theatre, which I am very excited about!

Did enjoy coming into work with my bright red hair and seeing how people react. Lots of raised eyebrows and similar. Although it does mean I have to go to Boots at lunchtime and buy new shampoo, as all the shampoo/conditioner I have at home is the John Frieda Sheer Blonde stuff! Need some sort of colour-protecting shampoo for this one I think, as red has a tendency to fade quickly.

Crotchspider is still making a nuisance of himself - we've bought some cheap cat food so when we do cave and feed him, he's not eating the [slightly less cheap] food we buy for Fidget. Am thinking we might try and get in touch with his owners again using the collar method - we really ought to have kept their details the last time we did this!
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Back from our flying visit to Wales. I am currently cold, and a little bit hungry, and tired and I have a headache. So thats not great. But I've had a lovely few days.

Christmas Day )
The Wales bit )
The rugby bit )
The Fidget/Crotchspider bit )
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its 2am, my living room is a mess of wrapping paper and we just watched one of my presents - special edition Sleeping Beauty :-) (all those not-so-subtle hints worked there then!)

also, I have Battlestar Galactica: The Board Game, which looks very cool.

Off to bed now though, as its all late and stuff. but merry Christmas to all of LJ land :-)
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So why I am I stuck in the office while Jamie gets to snooze in bed for as long as he likes?

Doesn't seem fair to me.

Weekend was fun, up at the house of Caro, with Ros. Lovely to see Caz, and Kathy and Ed as well. Highlight of the weekend, well there are probably several, but the one I am most surprised/pleased with were my unexpected Zuki cuddles in the middle of the night on Saturday. It was incredibly cute and very pathetic, and not at all like her!

It seems I missed out on Mr Fidget making lots of mess everywhere as well, for he Jamie tells me tales of huge poos in the litter tray (very unusual for him, although this time he did manage to get it all in the box and not half over the side), and of throwing up huge fur balls. poor little thing. He was very happy yesterday though (once I'd changed out of my smelling-like-Caro's-cats clothes) and I got lots of cuddles. He still loves his cat bed very much. And I think I worked out why, for I laid my head on it and lo! It is extremely comfy indeed.

I am all tired and snoozy, and also thirsty, but not thirsty for any of the readily available liquids, which is annoying. And I have to concentrate, which isnt good. I did however have time (and brains to remember) to put more music on my mp3 player, so I now have a selection of musical soundtrack songs, and some Stereophonics and a couple of Sting tracks to add to what was already there (tom jones, manics, take that, only men aloud, various others), so I can just plug in my headphones and get on with it. Maybe.

Meeting up with Jamie for lunch to go xmas shopping for his family, that should be fun :-)
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Well, an update of sorts, as I really don't have much to update about!

Jamie has bought a new bike, as his old bike (the one we bought from halfords at the same time as my original bike-that-was-stolen) is now two years old and starting to die a little. And he keeps falling off it because its not great in bad conditions. So he has a bike which costs about 3 times as much as the old one did, and has all kinds of shiny kit on it, like Rock Shox front suspension, and Shimano posh hydraulic disc brakes. And its super light, cos its all made of aluminium, and its shiny and black and silver and very swish.

So he is very happy. Although it was very funny the other day when he was getting all excited about it and he said "I'm getting a bike for Christmas!!!", so I said "well if it's for Christmas, then you can't have it until Christmas Day, and I'm going to have to hide it somewhere in the house and wrap it up for you". So now he's getting a bike "near Christmas" so he can have it straight away! He's like a little kid, he's so excited.

He's also managed to sell his old bike already, to some guy in work. Which is great.

I am almost caught up on my work now, from being off for over a week (study leave, then exams, then lurgy-death). I did all the VAT reinvoicing for December, which nearly drove me mad, and now I am halfway through catching up on the cash allocations. By the end of tomorrow I should be caught up and able to function normally again! Next week will be a quiet one in work, because its coming up to Christmas so people are starting to be on holiday. Not me though, I ran out of holiday cos of all the studying I had to do, so I have to come to work next week, Mon - Weds (although I should get the afternoon off on Weds). Also the week after, between Xmas and new year, I have to be in the office, but hardly anyone else will be. In my little bit, I'll be all on my own as both N and I are off next week. I do have 2nd January off though, because I thought that was pointless.

Battled my way through the Woolies closing down sale today, to get hemming tape to fix Jamie's DJ trousers. 40% off! So i bought two packs :-) I think its a real shame Woolies is closing down, I will miss it. Plus I have no idea what will take its place here in town - a Wilkinsons would be handy as we don't have one of those, and it fills a similar useful niche. Don't know where else in town I would have thought of to go for my hemming tape, Woolies was my first choice.

Mr Fidget's Christmas present arrived in the post today, so I am looking forward to taking that home and wrapping it up for him tonight. Its a cat bed, which we're going to put on the dining table as he loves to sit on it and watch his territory out of the window. Hope he likes it! Otherwise it will be finding itself a new home in Swansea or Milton Keynes!


Dec. 17th, 2008 11:28 am
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So according to the BBC, the X-factor rubbish version is on course for number one. Jeff Buckley has so far sold enough copies to be number 3. her version goes out to the shops today, so she's likely to sell more in the latter half of the week. we need to download more Jeff buckley to stop it being an x-factor 1-2 (Leona Lewis is at #2 currently). also, I note leonard cohen's version is at #34 as well :-)
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And feels all the closer for it now being the time between the Secret Santa/Christmas party and Christmas itself!

Yesterday was Secret Santa day, all the presents were in (apart from one, which mysteriously appeared when the sales director arrived after lunch), there were even extra presents for the people who weren't actually in the secret santa in the first place. Which was nice.

We did the present opening at 5pm, which took us neatly up to the end of the day. Most people had good presents (I had a rugby ball), there was only one really rude present (a blow-job kit and a chocolate Kama Sutra). Nic got a rather pretty pendant, Michelle got perfume, Ira got a crazy wooden logic puzzle thing. John liked his beer.

Overall a success. However, the Christmas tree I bought in Tesco back in 2006 for the finance office (costing me £2.47) has finally died, its feet have broken and it is now leaning crazily against the desk divider screen thing. Might have to purchase a better tree for the office next year!

Then we went out for the do. I went with Jo and Lisa to get ready in the hotel (We borrowed Frank's room), then we met up with everyone in the hotel bar for a couple of drinks. Table was booked for 8.30, so we wandered over after 8. We went to Loch Fyne, and it was fabulous. I had tomato soup to start, then I had the pan-fried duck breast, which was gorgeous. And the chocolate tart to finish, which was incredibly rich and I couldnt finish it. Some people were drinking more than others, but I only had a couple. Left early, when people were still drinking coffees, because it was past my bedtime! Jamie drove in and picked me up, so I didnt have to walk too far as well which was good, as my feet were hurting. I was wearing high(ish) heels, but chunky ones, with my crazy red tights and a black, off the shoulder jumper dress thing. Apparently it worked fairly well. I have no pictures.

I do like my funky red tights though - may go to Primark at lunchtime and see if I can find more!

When I got home, I stayed up for a bit chatting with Jamie and cuddling a Mr Fidget who was very pleased to see me (he gave me lots of snuffly cat kisses). I caught up on the internet goings on, and spurred by Mrs A, went online and downloaded Jeff Buckley's 'Hallelujah', to join the fight to stop Alexandra Burke's X-Factor version from getting Christmas #1. It occurs to me, having received an invite this morning to join a different Facebook group set up to help Terry Wogan/Aled Jones reach #1, that to really p*ss off the X-Factor lot, we should all go online adn download every single apart from the X-Factor one that is trying to be Xmas #1. So that's Jeff Buckley's 'Hallelujah', the Terry Wogan/Aled Jones track, Only Men Aloud's 'All By Myself' and that one that the One Show has made, with John Sergeant. Download them all!
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Although because I've been off all week, I have completely lost track of what day it is!

Yesterday was very pleasantly spent making Christmas cards - I made 12 in total, and they're all ready to be written and sent. Just need to find out a couple of addresses that I don't already have.

I am very proud of them, and have taken photos of them all because they are very cool. I will share them with you, because I can. 

piccies here )This morning consisted of a brief trip into town in the rain to buy food for tonight, and to have a look at bikes for Jamie. We managed to find a lovely looking duck (from Leaping Duck) in the crazy game butchers on West Street, where they have lots of weird carcasses hanging up (like a headless deer, and weird shaped/sized birds that I couldnt identify), where they sell guinea-fowl and pheasant and pigeon alongside the usual beef, chicken, pork etc. They had some enormous looking steaks, and the most gorgous looking pork joints ever. But we were there for duck, and lucky for us they had one that was perfect.

Then we've had lunch, and are watching the Treviso v Ospreys game (which the Ospreys are winning, but not by as much as we would have expected them to, after they thrashed them last week. Then there will be some tidying up of the living room and dining room, and I shall probably wash my hair, and then we shall start cooking the duck. For Ros and Matt are coming over for dinner, and I did promise Ros that if we did a roast dinner, we would do duck, because she said she had it once and she liked it a lot, and then she stopped eating meat, so she hadn't had it since. So we have duck, and posh sage and onion stuffing, and oranges to make a tasty orange gravy, and rooster potatoes to roast, and posh carrots and everything. and fizzy pink wine, as its kind of a post-exam, pre-christmas celebratory thing.

And then Ros and Matt will come over, and we will eat tasty food, and drink nice wine, and play Railroad Tycoon: the Board Game.


Dec. 10th, 2008 02:16 pm
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I have a Christmassy house :-) The tree is up, and it fits in front of my living room window like I wanted, and its all decorated and has a big pile of presents underneath it and everything

and I have a second (slightly tropical) tree in the dining room :-)
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Just went out to fight the shed for my Christmas tree. I found a big scary false widow spider. I managed not to scream or be excessively girly about it though, and it didnt bite me so I am happy!


Dec. 9th, 2008 08:21 am
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So exam two this morning and I feel like death. Didn't sleep very well past about 4/5 am, when Mr Fidget decided the only possible route to cuddles with Jamie under the covers was via me. So he walked all the way up me, then crossed over my head on the pillow, standing on my hair and pulling it in the process. I was all ready to get mad at him, and then he curled up in a very cute fashion and I didn't have the heart to be annoyed anymore. But I have sort of drifted in and out of half-sleep since then.

I feel awful. I have a sore throat, my ears hurt inside, I have a pressure headache from all the goo in my sinuses and my nose is all blocked up. Its mostly on the left side of my head though, which is weird. I have my pre-exam lemsip, but unfortunately having one now means the next one is due at 12pm, when I'll be in the exam hall and unable to have one. 12pm was when I started to go downhill yesterday, I imagine today will be much the same. I have more layers on today (including leggings and knee-high socks under my jeans) to try and combat the coldness from setting in and making me feel ill, which it did yesterday.

The original plan for this afternoon involved fun things like tidying up the house and putting up Christmas decorations. I fear this may have to wait until later on in the week.

Oh dear

Dec. 3rd, 2008 10:18 pm
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Jamie fell off his bike on the way home. He bashed his right wrist, and grazed his left knee pretty nastily, and his left thigh as well. His left shoulder is also very sore. I don't think he's broken anything, although he may have cracked the bone in his wrist, we're going to see what its like in the morning, because we can't really face an evening up in casualty tonight!

He is being very pathetic about it. I put germoline on his grazes, and a big plaster on the graze on his knee, and cooked him a tasty tasty meal of mushroom, garlic and honey lamb steaks and jacket potatoes with loads of butter. Then we watched the Baa-baas playing Australia, because Shane Williams was playing for the Baa-baas.

We have also ordered our Christmas presents from Jamie's parents to us (they wired us the money today) - Jamie is getting the new season Osprey's replica shirt (he gets one every year), and I am getting a pink waterproof mp3 player.

Fidget continues to be ridiculously cute - I cannot sit down in this armchair of an evening without having him permanently attached to my legs in a variety of upside-down poses. And when we go to bed he spends the whole night alternately curled up and stretched out along my side/back. Its cute enough I suppose, but every now and again it gets very irritating!


Dec. 1st, 2008 07:11 pm
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Ok, so Henry Winkler is playing Captain Hook in the Peter Pan play in Milton Keynes this Christmas. Louisa Lytton as Peter. Anyone interested???


Nov. 14th, 2008 06:49 pm
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Jamie came home and so we have started opening the boxes! its awesome, its like Christmas :-)

is it too early to put up the Christmas tree?

Pie 2

Dec. 26th, 2007 08:37 pm
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Oh. My. God. Tasty tasty pie. and there's tons of it.Yum!


Dec. 26th, 2007 07:43 pm
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I made a pie! Like a real proper pie, all from scratch (well apart from the pastry, because I barely have room to roll the pastry, let alone make it! (rather, I don't have room for all the extra washing up created by making pastry). But I made the ham (leftovers from the ham we boiled on Xmas eve) and the chicken (boiled this evening), and the mushroom sauce (like real sauce made with the juice from the boiled chicken and everything).

Its in the oven now, so I can't report on how it tastes yet, but I'm sure it'll be delicious! It certainly looks fabulous, and smells tasty tasty nice :-)

Andy's just come home, which is a pain, we thought we'd be a few more days without him, but there we are. Hopefully he'll keep himself to himself and not irritate me too much.
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Merry Christmas L-J Land :-)

I got Sat Nav! and the Jungle Book DVD. And some other stuff. I've eaten tasty tasty croissants with posh jam, and now i'm supping Veuve Clicquot NV Champers with orange juice, while watching a sentimental Tom Hanks/Meg Ryan film (You've Got Mail, in this instance).

The plan for today is mostly relaxing and drinking and playing and having fun. And then stuffing our faces with tasty tasty duck roast. Nomm nomm nomm.

Hope you all are having/will have/have had a fabulous day :-)

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