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So we woke up this morning around 9ish, and so began a most excellent day. I had a shower, got dressed and made breakfast, while Jamie caught up on missed sleep and also showered. sausages, scrambled egg and beans. Tasty!

We watched Saturday Kitchen, which was a Valentines Day special sort of thing, and they had the usual two chef's table guests, but the twist was, the bloke had arranged with the show to propose to his girlfriend on air, which was very sweet. She was somewhat shocked, but said yes of course :-)

Then there was a short period of waiting, as it was too early really to leave, but we had already done everything we needed to do packing wise. So we bounced nervously and excitedly in our chairs until it was time to leave. We drove to Cardiff, via the sorting office to pick up an undelivered parcel. I had intended to drive the first stretch, but I was a little overexcited so Jamie took over once we'd got petrol in Tesco, and he drove till Membrey Services.

We swopped over there, and swopped back at Magor, after the bridge. Drove into Cardiff, got there around three-ish. As Jamie used to live there, we know a handy spot near the town centre for parking the car, and there's usually always a space. Then we walked into town from there, stuck our head round the door of a pub to check the score in the France v Scotland game (which was 0-0 after 20 mins). Decided not to bother finding somewhere to watch that, so wandered round Cardiff for a bit soaking up the pre-match atmosphere.

Then we wandered over to the stadium, initially planning to see if they were showing the France game on a big screen. When we got to the entrance of the stadium, it quickly became obvious that the crowd gathered was arranged in such a fashion for watching the team bus go past into the stadium (in two lines either side of the road, lots of police making sure they stayed in place). It was 4pm, so an hour and a half before kick off. We stuck around in the crowd, quite near the gate, at the front of the mass of people. Shortly afterwards, we heard the roar of the crowd round the corner up the road, then the police escort hoved into view. Two mounted police on gorgeous brown horses, followed by two police motorbikes. Then came the team bus, followed by more bikes and horses. So there was much cheering and yelling and chanting of "Wales! Wales! Wales!". It was amazing. And to cap it all off.......

Neil Jenkins looked at me!!!!!!!!!!!

I had a real fangirly squee moment. It was hilarious.

Once they'd gone into the stadium, we made our way over to gate 5 and headed inside. Our seats were in the middle tier, the first time we've been sat up there. In the stand behind the posts, but off to one side, so about halfway between the posts and the edge of the pitch. Wales were playing towards us in the first half, and away from us in the second, so as you look at the game from the point of view of the telly cameras, we were on the right hand side.

We were mostly surrounded by pleasant people, which is always nice, although throughout the game there was far too much of people going back and forth to the bar/toilet, always at the wrong moment and getting in the way of the view.

So we were in our seats a long while before kick off, and got to watch the teams warming up. We were entertained by that school choir that were runners up on Last Choir Standing last year, and they were awesome.

It was a full house. 74,594 was the official attendance, and the entire place was buzzing. The roof was open, which made it colder, but did nothing to dampen the spirits or reduce the noise. If anything, we were making even more noise to compensate!

The anthem almost had me in tears. The confidence I'd been feeling all week about the likely result had all but disappeared by then, and there was a tight knot of anxiety and nerves in my stomach. By the time we'd sung the anthem, I felt physically sick.

And then the whistle blew, England kicked off and for the next 40 minutes I was screaming and singing as loud as any other Welshman in that crowd. Then came 10 minutes of quiet, as Jamie disappeared for a break and a stretch of the legs (there isn't much space for legs in these stadiums!). Then came the second half, and another 40 minutes of screaming, singing, hiding my hands behind my eyes.. lots of tense moments, lots of nervousness, and by the time the final whistle blew, and we'd won the game, I had run out of any energy with which to celebrate.

We made our weary way back across town, stopping only to get a small burger each from Burger King (and for me to have a wee!), and to get Jamie some coke from Sainsburys. A quiet five minutes sitting in the car, then we drove home. Well, Jamie drove, I collapsed in the passenger seat. I was meant to be taking over at some point, but was so tired and drained that Jamie agreed to drive the whole journey, in exchange for a cup of coffee at Membrey, and me cooking him a curry for dinner tomorrow!

Got home at about half ten - would have been earlier, but there are a number of stretches of roadworks on the M4 which have average speed cameras, and one of them has a speed limit of 40 mph! Very irritating, but we got through it.

I am utterly exhausted. But very happy.


Jan. 26th, 2009 04:27 pm
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My car hasn't been MOT'd yet. we hadn't heard anything all day, so Jamie rang them at about 4pm, and they hadn't done it yet. If they don't call us by 5ish, then it will be too late to go pick up the car, as the traffic is awful at tea-time and its on the other side of town. We could probably get to the garage by half 5, but we'd never get home by 6, and I've got a Sainsbury's delivery coming between 6 and 7. So if they don't call soon, I'm going to have to leave work early tomorrow and pick it up after work, which means cycling over to the garage (which from work, means going up an extremely steep hill and then down the other side) and then driving back across town, through the rush hour.

Unavoidable really, but its a pain. Especially since I haven't been anywhere near as useful as I'd have liked to have been today. We didnt get back home from our trip out this morning till about half 11, 12ish, and then we were so tired from our early start we just kind of collapsed in a heap and snoozed till about 2. And then we had lunch and read books and things, so it was only getting on for half 3 by the time we started doing useful things!

Jamie's tackling the mountain of washing up in the kitchen, while I'm doing general tidying in the dining room. So far, the main highlight has been the discovery of hidden Christmas chocolate, which I am now eating. 'Divine' fair trade chocolate coins. Nomm nomm nomm. 
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Saw Quantum of Solace today. Enjoyed it lots. Also enjoyed not having to pay for it, as I realised this morning I could use my Nectar points to buy tickets at the Vue (1000 points per ticket).

Car was in the carpark you have to pay for. One of those get the ticket on the way in, pay for it at the machine before you leave jobs. We went to the supermarket in town after the film ended, to get dinner and cat food for Mr Fidget. As we were walking back to the car, I saw the time was about ten past 3. I didn't know the exact time we got into town, but I knew it was sort of between ten past and twenty past 12. So we hurry back, hoping to get in before the hour flicks over and we have to pay more. Get to the machine which is nearest the car. There's a foreign woman there, being slow. Checked the time on the ticket - 12.15. Checked the time on the machine. 15.13. Shit, thinks I, i'm not going to make it. So I run down the car park to the other stairwell. There's a man there too! Paying with really small coins so taking ages. I'm bouncing up and down behind him, willing him to speed up. He finally finishes, and the machine spits out his ticket. Within seconds I had mine in the machine. It charged me for 3 hours. I had about 20 seconds to spare!

I am now officially allowed to drive Jamie's Ka. I drove it to the indian restaurant last night when we went to pick up our takeaway. Its very weird, and all kinds of different to my car (which we drove today). Mine feels really heavy and slow and clunky compared to his. But I do love it so.

I have also been doing lots of work on updating I've re-arranged it a little bit, and have been busy uploading photos I've taken of the Games Workshop miniatures we've been painting. I've started on the bloodbowl teams, as thats what we've got the most of, although there are a few Chaos Space Marines which Jamie found for me to photograph. I have to say, I'm really pleased with the close-up function of my camera - its awesome.  Go check it out!
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Well today has been a very good day.

- Ospreys beat Harlequins in the EDF Energy Cup 1st round
- Scarlets beat Saracens in the EDF Energy Cup 1st round
- Zuki did awesome and made Caro cry :-)
- I drove in hideous hideous weather and didnt die
- Jamie made awesome beef curry and it was all nearly ready for when I got home
- I won tasty chocolate in the raffle at the cat show
- so far, my predictions for "who gets through to the X-Factor live show" have been spot on. Only one disappointment so far, in the over-25s

[edit] Overall, a good selection for the X-factor finals. Only cross with the inclusion of Little Miss "I did drugs and three of my 5 kids are in care"

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So this weekend we went to Wales to visit Jamie's parents, see Bo and Rosco for the first time since they left Caro's, and to swap the Metro for the new Ford Ka.

Was lovely to see D&T, they were in fine form as always. Across the two days, they managed to call Jamie by the names of all three of their sons (!) and at one point, when telling me about something (Jamie not even in the room), D refered to T as "your mother" instead of "Tydfil", which made me smile.

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Right I'd best go do some work!


Sep. 2nd, 2007 01:15 pm
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why do bad things happen to good people?

some c*nts broke into Jamie's car last night, trying to steal it for a joyride I guess. its been sat unused for a while now, so i guess it kind of looked abandoned. fortunately for us, the battery/electronics don't work properly, so the immobiliser had automatically kicked in, and they weren't able to start it. They have however bent the passenger door out and ripped off the casing from the steering column. Jamie called the police, and they came round this morning. managed to get fingerprints off the steering column bit so they're running them through the system and will arrest whoever comes up as a match.

does mean the car needs a fair amount of fixing, so its looking likely that we may have to replace the car sooner than we wanted to, as the insurance company may well decide to write it off.

So Jamie is very angry and upset (he loves his car lots).

I wasn't here at the time, cos i was at Caro's playing with kittens. I have been a bit of a numpty though, and left my phone at Caro's. luckily, she's down our way tomorrow so hopefully will bring it with her!


Sep. 27th, 2005 09:18 pm
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Hey y'all

You know I said I'd done something to my neck? well now its spread. my entire left arm is in painful, muscle-aching agony (kind of like they way my muscles feel after Renewal), as is my left shoulder, my neck, and that bit of squishy flesh above the hip-bone on my left side. I can feel it starting to spread into my right shoulder too. and my right ankle still hurts from when I sprained it at Wasteland in July.

I'm in all kinds of pain. Its not good. I should have a bath and relax in Radox muscle-soaking goodness, but I cant be bothered to sit there for hours filling the bath up.

I've had another Job interview, this time with Lucent Technologies in Bracknell. Not too far away to drive, sounds like a decent enough job (possibly better to do than the one at Danka), but the money is less (only £14k), and its (at the moment) only for one or two years. But we shall see. With any luck, i shall get three phone calls tomorrow from three separate agencies, regarding three separate jobs, and at least two of them will be offering me one. the third would be for arranging an interview with Primark, for a job in the Head Office in Reading (£17,700 for that one). So I dont know what to do.

Housewise, I went to see a room on Freshwater Road today, but it was very small and sharing the house with a family with 2 very young children. So I've said no to that one. Tomorrow I am going to go see lots of agencies, I've worked out I can probably afford to get a small(ish) flat on my own, but its likely to be further away from Jamie's. Still, It'd be nice to have a place to myself, rather than sharing with strangers.

My car should be ready to fetch from the garage tomorrow, with any luck in the morning (as Jamie will be needed for driving me to the garage). It will cost me lots of money, but at least it will work then!

Some stuff

Sep. 25th, 2005 08:45 pm
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Ok, recent goings on in the world of Tinks:

My car is in the garage getting its service. Also getting a new numberplate (to replace the one that was stolen) and a new wing mirror (to replace the one that was stolen) and some other stuff. They want to charge me vast quantities of money for everything, including stuff that either doesnt need doing (like replacing the back numberplate) or stuff I can do cheaper by getting Jamie to do it (£10 for a new sidelight bulb, no thanks). It was going to cost extortionate quantities of money to have a red wing mirror, so I'm having a black one. So it wont match, but at least I'll be able to see whats behind me on the motorway again! Also, when I was talking to them on the phone about what work I wanted doing and what I didnt, they informed me that the drivers door lock wasnt working, and they couldnt open it. They said they'd sort it out, but if they try to charge me for that I will laugh at them, since it worked perfectly when I gave them the car to fix. So they can do that for free, since they broke it!

I did something nasty to my neck last night, while sitting quietly in a chair playing Worms with Andy and Jamie. Jamie thinks its probably a tendon that I've pulled or something, cos he says one of them is a bit swollen. All I know is my neck/shoulder is very sore and hurts when I move my head too much. Plenty of healing massages seem to be helping, though.

Jamie starts his new job tomorrow, so while the Grand Prix was on (woo Alonso won the championship) I ironed a ton of his shirts. Was nice and relaxing, and seems only fair since he does all the cooking.

I just did a very embarrassing thing. We went to the shop to buy some food etc, and on the way back stopped outside of the corner shop to pick up some tobacco, as they didnt have any in the co-op. I leapt out of the car, ran round the back out onto the road to cross over, got my foot caught in the enormous bottoms of my flared cords and skidded accross the road on my hand and left leg. In front of some people, who did absolutely nothing to help, just laughed at me. Bloody chavs.
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I bought a car today :)

A red Vauxhall Corsa Breeze, S reg. a cool £2800.
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Yay found a car hire place that will let me get my hands on a transit van :D costs lots of money but will mean easily movable belongings. I might even be able to move everything in one go, which would be nice.
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Well the car hire people gave me a shiny blue Ford Focus of sexiness, complete with much needed air conditioning and a much welcome cd player.. never had a cd player in a car before its all a bit posh for me!

And what does the weather do as I'm about to pack my car for the weekend? It starts raining. Fabulous....

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