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We've had snow, sleet, hail, every variation of frozen precipitation I can think of today. The floor is wet, so none of the more recent snow is sticking. So now its just irritating!

Everyone (well, mostly everyone) in work is now worrying about how they are going to get home - a lot of them use the Gatwick line to get home, and all the trains are cancelled.

I, of course, am unaffected by all this, as all I have to do is jump on my [freezing cold and wet] bike and cycle home through the icy slush.

I'm meant to be going to the gym tonight, but its cold and horrible outside and all I want to do is go home and curl up with Mr Fidget and my very excellent current reading material ("The Blade Itself" by Joe Abercrombie).
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Jamie and I are very fond of reading. As a result, we have lots and lots of books in our house, and its an ever increasing collection.

To further our collection of random fantasy novels, I recently (a couple of months ago) agreed to trial my SF&F book club's "Ultimate Fantasy Collection", which is a collection of 30 different hardback fantasy novels. I had no idea what books would be in it, and I don't have to keep them all. I got a free Raymond E Feist book just for saying yes, plus the first book in the collection on a free trial. I agreed to it, thinking it would contain many books we didnt already have. The rest of the collection arrived today.

Of the 30 books, 11 of them we definately already own, so I shall be sending those back (arranging the collection was easy - all I had to do was phone the number and press some buttons, didn't even need to talk to anyone! however, I do need to leave the books outside ready for the collection, which will happen "sometime in the next week". Hmm. Hopefully they will come on Friday when I am at home!

The other 17 books include one which I'm not sure if we own or not, so I'll need to check with Jamie before sending that one back (its Renegades Magic by Robin Hobb, We've got the first two and I'm sure he bought this one as well). The rest are:

2 more Raymond E Feist
3 Terry Brooks
3 by Trudi Canavan (never heard of her, but they look interesting)
2 by James Barclay (Again, never heard of but look interesting)
2 by Naomi Novik (books 1 and 4 of a series, of which I already have book 3 from a random editors choice I got sent ages ago, plus these are books Jamie has been umming and aahing about whether he wants to read them or not - Napoleonic war, but with added dragons)
2 by Scott Lynch (which look awesome)
1 by Patrick Rothfuss, (which also looks interesting)

So yay for lots of new books! by relatively new authors as well, for the most part.

Reading them will have to wait though, as I have just started Adrian's book, which I got from the book club the other month.
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I left my bag at home today, so I had no house keys (or office keys, for that matter), no phone and no wallet (therefore no money) all day. This wasn't so much of a problem food wise, as I already had my lunch in the office kitchen. but it did mean I was stuck in the office all day, and didn't go out at lunchtime.

And then when I got home I had to sit around outside waiting for Andy to get home to let me in, as Jamie is in London and still isnt home.

I don't like being in the house on my own. I mean, I can quite happily entertain myself, and often Jamie and I will just be doing our own thing, but somehow it seems that being in the house completely on my own (Andy is at the gym) feels like I'm just killing time until Jamie gets back. I have done some useful things, like clean the hob, and do some laundry. but mostly i've been sat around doing not very much.

got some new books in the post today - Raymond E Feist ones. the sequel to Magician, and the next one after that. can't read them yet though (I've not read them before - its all part of my being made to read more fantasy books by Jamie) as I want to re-read Magician before I read them, and I can't do that till I've finished the book I'm reading at the moment, which is called "Spirit Gate" and looked awful (was the free book for joining the SF&F book club) but I've started to get into it now. It has big huge eagles in it, and an interesting setting from a religion/politics view.

hmm, sitting as I am next to the book case, with my laptop all accessible and decent music on the telly (music I wouldn't be able to listen to if Jamie were here, actually, he hates Oasis) I am all overcome with a desire to catalogue all my books, and write reviews of them all. big job I know. but it could be an interesting project. I ought to do something with the webspace I pay for at any rate.
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Ok, so its been a while, and lots have happened. so lets see...

House is still in post-LARP chaos, although the majority of the wet is dealt with. Still have a damp marquee canvas to dry out, but the rain is causing issues with that. And my table cloth is mouldy, so we have to have some fun playing with that.

Work has been relatively relaxed since I got back from LARP, but then having three short weeks in a row (3.5 days before the event, 4 days last week, and 4 days this week due to holiday) is always going to help. Had a fabulous team meeting on Friday last week, which basically cut out a lot of my problems (due to still being responsible for my old job even though we got someone in to replace me and her having been there a month now). Which means I've been able to actually concentrate on my own job almost exclusively, and have finally caught up with myself enough to concentrate on more than just allocating cash. which is nice.

This week is better because the boss is on holiday. He's gone caravanning. In Cornwall. not sure they'll have the best weather though :-)

Weekend just gone, Ros and I nipped up to visit pies Caro, pics of pies can be seen at for anyone who cares. There was wine (lots) but no crazy drunkenness which was good. Pies were lots of fun, lots of toe nibbling and kitten-fu. And we saw Olivia and John, which was lovely as I haven't seen Olivia for some time (read - years). Was great to see Vix as well, even if she was super-tired.

There was lots of yummy lasagne and contract whist; also attempted kitten stealing, as Ros and I tried to steal Mr Penlington on our way home. We almost got away with it as well, except that Garry spotted us. Ah well, I don't want to steal them this young cos they pee everywhere.

Driving to Caro's and back was nice with company - I shall have to arrange more joint trips up with Ros.

Mr Fidget was very suspicious of us when we got back to my house, due to all the smelling of pies and things, but he soon settled down.

Yesterday I spent ages counting LARP arrows and inspecting them, doing complicated maths to work out how many belonged to which members of the group (two different lots of arrows bought at two different times by twodifferently composed groups of people, with some people involved in both). This because I'd asked them what we wanted to do with them, and people started moaning about not knowing who's was what etc. And now I've posted all the info on our board, and noone's said anything! ungrateful b****rds the lot of them.

Hmm lets see, what else. Oh yeah, uber-hyped up book. Harry Potter. Don't worry, no fangirl-esque squeeing here, no spoilers either. I have my opinion on the book, I don't think its that great, but then she's not a very good author. Definately thought there was too much expectation floating about though, and it didnt really live up to it. I did want to know how it ended though, and now I do, so I am happy. It will make a decent film I imagine.

More interesting books on the way though, as I have ordered some Raymond E Feist from my book club, and soon there will be a new Brian Jacques Redwall book, and a new Terry Pratchett Discworld book, and the new George R R Martin depressathon book. yay for lots of new books for me to read.

I think thats everything. Oh yes apart from the floods.

We are not flooded yet. In any case, our house is too high above the river to really be affected. However, the Thames is just behind us, where the Kennett joins it, and its already burst its banks. The Kennett itself is very high, although there is no flood warning for it. Just the Thames, which is expected to go tonight.

It may affect me getting to work, as I cycle down the river. Certainly if we try to walk to Tescos we get wet feet. We are more concerned by the gasworks by us which are right on the river, and any affect them flooding will have on us. (like no gas means no heating, hot water or hob based cooking).

But we should be ok.
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Ok it’s been a whole week since I last wrote anything of any use on here. It seems that I don’t have as much time for Live Journal as I once did – is this a sign of me having a more interesting life, or am I just finding new and interesting ways to waste time?


Anyway, I keep thinking of things I ought to write about on here, but never getting round to it. So here goes for a proper, probably long-winded account of my life over the last however long it’s been. Apologies for length, I have cut and categorized to try and make it easier for you to read.







Hmm not much else to add now, save that Jamie is off to murder players at the Spring Event this weekend, leaving me much to my own devices. Gyms and swimming pools will no doubt fill much of my time, as will Rome: Total War which I am still enjoying playing. On Saturday I drive to Cambridge to visit Mr Beaver, which could go either way really. I’m hoping it will be pleasant and nice and we’ll be able to have a decent conversation about stuff, without having to worry about saying the wrong thing or anything like that. Of course, the main reason for the visit is to get the rest of my stuff, my Discworld books and some stuffed toys I accidentally left behind at the flat in Chester when I moved all my things. But it will be nice to see him again, and see his new house and things. And to see what his new kit is like. And the drive will be fun, except for the M25 bit.


Right I’m off into town to go meet Jamie for lunch and stuff. I have said more than enough for one post, I think!


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My book order arrived yesterday while I was in work. Going Postal, Thud, and the new Brian Jacques Redwall book, High Rhulain.

I started reading High Rhulain as soon as I got home (Jamie had already stolen Thud and started reading it). Its awesome. One of the best Redwall books I have read. I'm very glad his books aren't slowly getting worse, as I feared they would as he wrote more and more. After all, High Rhulain is the 18th book in the series.

I read the book till I finished it, which didnt take that long, really. It was awesome. yay.

now all I have to do is get through this day at work (i'm a bit tired cos i stayed up late) and its off to the winter event for me.

hope it doesnt rain. at least i'll miss rush hour around birmingham.

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