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So the course dates were posted online today, which means I am much more able to plan my social life up till the exams.

So, here's me updated schedule: )

which means 21/22 Feb, 28/29 Mar are really the only weekends where I am able to say with some confidence - Yes, I will be available for social events :-)

The rest of my time is probably going to be taken up with a combination of studying and geekery.
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So my birthday is on a Saturday this year, and just so happens to coincide with the Eurovision Song Contest.

So I was thinking, why not have a fancy dress Eurovision themed birthday party? Who'd want to come?


Jul. 25th, 2008 08:18 pm
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Well, short break, anyway.

Due to our new-found liquidity, we have decided to go away for a couple of days over Jamie's birthday (i.e Bank holiday weekend).

So we are driving down to Bournemouth on Friday 22nd August, whereupon we shall relax in the evening to recover from the hectic Bank Holiday Weekend driving. Then on the Saturday we shall drive to the Monkey World centre and see monkeys (inspired by me asking Jamie what he wanted to do for his birthday and him responding "monkey hunting"). Saturday evening will be spent out and about in Bournemouth town centre - a nice restaurant and a couple of pubs perhaps.

Then on the Sunday we will drive to Weymouth and visit the Sea Life Sanctuary there (with my handy two-for-one vouchers) as they have seals there so it will be better than the one in Brighton we went to last year.

Then we drive home, and collapse. But with the Bank Holiday Monday, and two more days off as the Birthday itself is the Tuesday.

For the birthday itself we will most likely go out to dinner at the posh fish restaurant the other side of the Oracle.

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