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Apr. 28th, 2008 06:45 pm
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But I hate livejournal for being rubbish. I just typed a huge long thing about my recent picture hanging activity, but LJ ate it.

So I am going to repeat myself very quickly.

I have just been hanging pictures. Do you want to see?

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My lovely caramel stripes are gone. I is a brunette again! (mocha brown, to be precise). And oddly enough, pretty close to my natural colour. I've decided Garnier Nutrisse Creme is now my favourite hair dye, as it smells nice, makes very little mess, produces almost zero reaction from my extremely sensitive scalp and creates results which are pretty much the same as the picture on the box. I don't have a picture to show you, as my camera is upstairs and you get rubbishly lit pictures in the bedroom.

Yesterday I had a minorly rubbish day (work stress, hormones, not a good combo) but Jamie did lots of cheering me up and since we didnt go shopping last weekend there was no food, so we had tasty curry from Sardar Palace. Their lamb korma is just gorgeous!

Today we woke up stupidly early for little reason (Jamie blames Fidget, for he was stuck in the bedroom and started fussing at the door at six). We went into town, and Jamie had a hair cut, while I wandered about looking at shiney things. Then we went to the Pitcher and Piano for lunch, Jamie had a huge chicken burger thing and I had soup, which was very nice indeed. Then we went to Eclectic Games and Jamie bought Zombies!!! for he felt I needed more cheering up. Then we came home and had a game of Zombies!!! and it was lots of fun. Now that I think about it, I find it very odd I've never played it before.

Then I chilled out and did some drawing (although my sources of inspiration are lacking in this house, I miss all the fabulous reference books in my parents house). I did a picture of a goldfinch feeding on a teazel. Then I ran out of things to draw, so I watched some telly (David Tennant's "Who Do You Think You Are?"). Then it was rugby time, but I didnt really want to watch the Ospreys slaughtering Connacht, so I dyed my hair instead. And made pancakes :-)

And now I need something else to do... Once the rugby is over (in 15 mins or so) I will try and get Andy and Jamie to play Zombies!!! some more...

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you know,the one thats doing the rounds. I've seen it twice on my Flist so far, and I just spent a goodly while (well, fifteen mins or so) going through it. When I finished, I came to the conclusion that today is not the best timed day to look back across those particular time intervals, as everything vaguely interesting happened either a year or two before, or after the year in question!

About the only interesting thing that I can say came out of it, was a reminder to show you something I did yesterday. Forgive the picture quality, for I was in a hurry and only had my camera and not my scanner to hand. Will scan it properly soon. But, for those who prefer instant gratification regardless of quality, my picture that I drew can be seen below:

So, art aside, nothing else exciting has happened to me.

England somehow made it to world cup semis, don't get me started. I'm just glad the Australians and the New Zealanders are out. Shame about Scotland too, so now we're backing Argentina all the way!

*yawn* today has been a very dull day, and in truth, if I could turn back the clock and do it differently, I would.

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