Mar. 7th, 2009 05:31 pm
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So I come home from my course, Jamie meets me at the door with the incredible news that not only did Wales beat New Zealand in the quarter final of the Sevens World Cup, but we also beat Samoa in the semis and the final is just about to kick off!

So we found a live stream on the internet, and there followed twenty minutes of frantic tension, as Wales eventually beat Argentina 19-12 to win the World Cup for the first time!!!!!

So we are very happy this evening.

Course continued boring, in the same vein as this morning. There was some new stuff this afternoon, but it was all fairly simple stuff. Cash flow forecasting, a couple of potentially icky formulae, but apart from that, nothing special. Luckily, thanks to the magic of BPP's timetabling, I don't have to go back tomorrow! In fact, my next day isnt till next Sunday. So I get a whole week to do the home study for this one day before I get new stuff shoved in my head.

Now for an evening of more rugby (Dragons v Munster in the Magners League just kicked off), curry (although its shop-bought microwave budget curry, not tasty takeaway curry or homemade curry), Empire Total War, and the tidying of my desk for the studying on.
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I had conveniently forgotten about them coming out today, until I saw [livejournal.com profile] black_faery 's post about hers.

So I went to my email and checked, and there they were.

It would appear that in spite of the horrible death-flu, I have managed to pass both exams. Which is a surprise. Not as good marks as I'd like really, 56 and 60. So that pulls my average down, and might make it not worth doing the Oxford Brookes degree bit. But still, a pass is a pass, and I'll take them both quite happily.

Onward and upward! Audit, and Financial Management in June, and then I'll reach that mythical "Part Qualified" status!
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So the course dates were posted online today, which means I am much more able to plan my social life up till the exams.

So, here's me updated schedule: )

which means 21/22 Feb, 28/29 Mar are really the only weekends where I am able to say with some confidence - Yes, I will be available for social events :-)

The rest of my time is probably going to be taken up with a combination of studying and geekery.
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Seems to be very handy thing, to keep a list of what I'm up to on here. Not that anyone really cares, I suppose, but at least if you want me for anything you can check first to see if I'll be around. Plus I can look back at it and get all excited about what's coming up next.

So, here's me schedule: )

which basically means that if anyone wants to do anything on the weekends of 17/18 January, 21/22 February or 7/8 March I am available!

i die now?

Dec. 9th, 2008 02:09 pm
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Second exam went ok. was in the slightly warmer hall, so with my extra layers I was warm enough. Still felt pretty rubbish by 12 though. I am now curled up in bed with Fidget (I've got my dressing gown on, which he loves, so while i sit up and drink my lemsip he is curled up on my lap, underneath the duvet), drinking my lemsip and listening to Saint-Saens. I dont want to sleep, but I need a lie down as i'm all achy. cycling in the cold really doesnt help!

chances of me going to work tomorrow nosediving.

oh, but i did call in my dentist on the way home, and got a new appointment for the 12th Jan.


Dec. 9th, 2008 08:21 am
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So exam two this morning and I feel like death. Didn't sleep very well past about 4/5 am, when Mr Fidget decided the only possible route to cuddles with Jamie under the covers was via me. So he walked all the way up me, then crossed over my head on the pillow, standing on my hair and pulling it in the process. I was all ready to get mad at him, and then he curled up in a very cute fashion and I didn't have the heart to be annoyed anymore. But I have sort of drifted in and out of half-sleep since then.

I feel awful. I have a sore throat, my ears hurt inside, I have a pressure headache from all the goo in my sinuses and my nose is all blocked up. Its mostly on the left side of my head though, which is weird. I have my pre-exam lemsip, but unfortunately having one now means the next one is due at 12pm, when I'll be in the exam hall and unable to have one. 12pm was when I started to go downhill yesterday, I imagine today will be much the same. I have more layers on today (including leggings and knee-high socks under my jeans) to try and combat the coldness from setting in and making me feel ill, which it did yesterday.

The original plan for this afternoon involved fun things like tidying up the house and putting up Christmas decorations. I fear this may have to wait until later on in the week.


Dec. 8th, 2008 02:30 pm
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Exam one over. wasnt too bad. probably passed, but not very well.

worst thing - I have hideous lurgy and the exam hall was freezing, so I felt awful all the way through and feel awful now. Lucky for me, Jamie is off sick today (he is recovering from the hideous lurgy that I am now coming down with) so he came to pick me up in the car and now I am home with Lemsip and very soon a Dr Oetker pizza.

oh yes, and season 7 family guy :-)

epic fail

Nov. 14th, 2008 10:45 am
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i forgot to put my out of office auto reply thingy on when I left work last night, ooops.

i'm sure it wont really matter though, very few people email me from outside the office anyway (I love not having a customer facing role).

so far today, I have failed utterly in doing anything vaguely useful. well apart from fixing my root-regrowth problem (the one downside to being blonde, is you have to keep redying it constantly to stop yourself looking awful). So I now have a more uniform blondeness again. I has also booked myself in for a hair cut, as its started to get too long and out of control. Not sure how short I am going to go, I may be brave and go shorter than last time, we shall see. that is in 2 weeks time, so its cut and styled all nice the morning of the day we go down to Wales for the weekend, to see Jamie's parents, Bo and Rosco, and the Wales vs Australia international.

I have to be in town to meet Jamie for 12, so I don't have much time this morning left for studying. I have rescued my F5 books from upstairs (where my desk is surrounded by laundry and other rubbish, and is inaccessible), but I need to pop to the shop to get food first otherwise I will starve and die. So its a small amount of work this morning, followed by much more this afternoon. I am just going to look at F5 today, because its the easier one of the two, and I should be able to get through quite a lot of it by the time Jamie comes home from work. Of course, as soon as he comes home, I will be far to busy opening all the Games Workshop stuff (I like it when Christmas comes early!), eating steak and watching the rugby and Children in Need to do anything else!

Tomorrow is the hard part, because I have to study while there are so many more cool things to do, plus Jamie will be here to distract me :-(


Nov. 1st, 2008 10:49 am
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Jamie is paying the price for his outing last night - the mix of Champagne, wine and beer (in that order) has given him a horrendous hangover. He got up way before me, but has now gone back to bed to try and sleep the worst of it off. Its very funny. He's not really been drinking at all for about two months or so, at most he's had maybe two bottles of Magners over an afternoon of rugby. So to go out and drink loads of booze (especially that mix of booze) has really affected him. He says he drank less than he would have done previously, but he feels worse!

So once again I am on my own. Painting more goblins. I finished the one regiment last night, I've started on the second one this morning.

Fidget isn't being quite so lazy today, after spending the night under the covers (first half of the night curled up in my arms, second half curled up with Jamie) He got up early (waking me up by standing on my hair in the process) and has even been outside already! When I got up he came barrelling up the path, and as soon as I sat down he was there, curled up and asleep in seconds. Now he's stolen my chair and is all curled up quite happily.

Plans for the day inclue:

painting goblins
Sainsbury's delivery
watching rugby

and very little else. possibly I might make some fairy cakes (in fact, I might do that this morning, while Jamie is asleep, and surprise him with them when he wakes up. That might be nice. But first, I must go to the shop and see if they sell crumpets, for I have a craving for crumpets for breakfast. and I can get some chocolate milk for Jamie too, as that will also cheer him up (plus its his money I'll be spending, as I have no cash!)
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I am impressed. I've made it to 8.30pm and not one trick-or-treater. This is down to one of three reasons:

a) no-one is actually doing the rounds here
b) they all remembered how rude I was to them last year and the year before so we've developed a reputation as the grumpy house noone bothers with, or
c) they are knocking, but cos I've turned the telly up so loud I can't hear them (despite being sat pretty close to the front door)

I disagree with trick-or-treating. Its no better than begging, and I disagree with that too.

Although this time of year always brings to mind a funny memory of my Dad and me, playing a joke on my Mum. See he was over the rugby club, and Mum was preparing dinner at home. She told me to go over the road and fetch me Dad home, cos he was late. It was Halloween, and it was raining. I walked over to the club, got my Dad, and we walked back home. Just as we were approaching the house Dad, who was a little worse for wear on account of all the Guinness, suggested that instead of going up the side path and in the back door like normal, we would crouch down and sneak around to the front gate (having to hide under a huge golfing umbrella!) and pretend to be trick-or-treaters. I remember it being very silly, and Mum not being very impressed!

Jamie is out this evening, its the first month in ages when they've made loads of placements - his team was the most profitable this month in the entire company (nationally). So the three of them have gone out for drinks and a meal (Champagne in the Sahara Bar, followed by a Thai restaurant, probably followed by more drinks in a bar) although Jamie promises he wont be out too late.

Which means I've been at home all alone all day, and all evening too! Am possibly going a little mad.

However, I have done much. I did all the laundry (although the last wash is still sitting in the machine, waiting to be taken upstairs and hung up to dry). I did Study, and I also went to Hobbycraft and Homebase and picked up the necessary bits and bobs to make a curtain for the stairs, and to fix Jamie's necklace. I am now relaxing in front of the telly, with Cardiff Blues vs Bath in the Anglo-Welsh Cup final pool round. Blues win or draw, they're in the semis. If they lose, there's all kinds of mathematical possibilities as to who would go through. Its a similar situation for my boys tomorrow (up in Northampton) and for the Ospreys on Sunday (here in Reading, what we have tickets for and everything). Game is quite enjoyable and exciting at the moment. I have a very happy Mr Fidget curled up on my lap, fast asleep with all kinds of upside-down face and big stretched out paws. It is making it awkward though, as I am painting miniatures and I thought I had all the paints I needed on my table, but I've just realised I need the bronze paints, and they're over there on Jamie's painting table, and he's not here to pass them to me!

Also, I'm getting very hot but am unable to take off my cardigan, as Mr Fidget is sleeping on it.
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So its Friday morning, I have the day off, but I still got up at half 8. Not much of a lie in, then.

Of course, with Jamie still being in work today it meant I still got woken up by the alarm at 7.20, so there wasn't any real hope of a lie in at all. The only reason I stayed in bed as long as I did, was because Jamie brought Mr Fidget upstairs when he came back from the shower, and I spent about 45 mins curled up in bed with the cat.

Our bedroom is shockingly cold compared to the rest of the house. We've come to the conclusion that a combination of the following is to blame:

Dodgy, ill-fitting, single-glazed sash windows
Two fireplaces with chimneys not blocked off
Radiator half-hidden behind furniture which isn't the bed
Door permanently open, leading directly to the hallway which is always freezing due to badly-insulated front door

Obviously some of these are easier to fix than others. Covering the windows with something like bubble-wrap is going to help, because we don't open them ever during the winter months. Closing the door isn't an option, on account of Mr Fidget and his pathetic wailing if he gets stuck anywhere. We're going to make a thick curtain and hang it across the bottom of the stairs, which should stop a lot of the cold getting in from the hallway.

Re-arranging the furniture is a possibility, to free up the radiator, however if we put the bed across that wall, it would also be along the window, so any heat gained from the radiator would be cancelled out by the heat lost through the window!

The result of the coldness means that for the last two nights, Mr Fidget has slept under the covers with me. It is very cute, but it does mean he wakes me up at least once during the night, either by leaving or re-entering, or just moving about and stabbing me by accident with his claws (of which he has many, and they are sharp).

I have left him in bed this morning, he is all curled up under the duvet with my dressing gown.

Today is mostly for studying, although I have many distractions. Hopefully they wont get in the way too much. Distractions include:

New DVDs I want to watch
Warhammer models I want to paint
The need to go to the gym
The need to go out to buy lunch foods

Hopefully I wont get distracted too much!
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So the clocks have gone back, leaves are falling all over the place, its officially Autumn. Its still October, though, so why has everyone round here skipped past Halloween and jumped straight ahead to Guy Fawkes Night? While we were putting away the shopping we were subjected to an enormous barrage of fireworks, right above the house. Sounded like we'd been transported to Helmand Province. The cat was scared, even I was a little bit unnerved. I really hate that fireworks are so readily available. Especially as round here, once we've got over the run up to Guy Fawkes Night, we go straight into Divali, and even though thats only a short festival, the fireworks seem to be never ending right through till New Year. Two and a half months of solid firework hell.

Don't get me wrong, I love fireworks I think they're really pretty. But organised displays are the way forward people!

I don't like having to keep Mr Fidget in the house all the time. and for him to go 2 months without really being able to go outside much once it gets dark is very unfair on him. At the moment he's on quick dashes outside to go to the loo and thats about it. Luckily for us he's such a well behaved darling he doesnt mind.

Day one of the new revision timetable has gone well - I came home and did 2 chapters of Performance Management - all about budgets *yawn*

i also had a phone call from the charity I used to donate to, trying to get me to start my DD back up again. something about starving people in Ethiopia and the global food crisis. I had to try very hard not to say "well surely this is just God's way of telling us the world is overcrowded and we need to thin out the population a bit". Jamie is now chuckling away to himself because I've just explained this to him. He just described me as "deliciously right-wing".
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Did you miss me?

Its hardly surprising I haven't, given that my week has been mostly filled with dull, boring, everyday things. Things like a full week in work (very long and tiring), and not doing much in the evenings when I ought to be studying. At least I made it to the pool twice this week, if not to the gym. And I did some pilates yesterday lunchtime. So its not all a complete waste of time :-)

study )
pathetic fidget )
rugby )
Ho hum, best get back to work I suppose, I'm sure there was more I was going to say, but it can wait.
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So I'm back in college this week, fortunately just today and tomorrow. this time it's Financial Reporting, which is actually really interesting at the moment!

once again, a room full of complete strangers though.

now i am home, and awkwardly trying to write this post without really being able to move my right hand! FIdget has decided that no matter what I want to do, he is going to have his cuddles dammit!! so my laptop is delicately balanced on the edge of my knees, Fidget is curled up on my lap inbetween my keyboard and my stomach, and up until a couple of minutes ago had his head on top of the mouse pad, so I couldnt even use the mouse! now he's just using my hand as a pillow. And purring like mad. Its pathetic.

He's not going to like me in a little while though, as once I've chilled out and relaxed a bit, I'm kicking him off and hoovering the house from top to bottom! He does not like the sound of the vaccuum cleaner one bit.

And then I have to do the course exam 1 for my course I did last week, as I was supposed to do it yesterday but what with Zuki's success meaning I left Edenbridge later than planned, plus my getting horribly lost meaning I was even later, I just couldnt face it last night!

Jamie is going to the gym tonight though, so he's not home till 7pm-ish which means if I start my exam by half five, I've got a good two hours before i will feel like I don't want to be doing it any more. of course, this all depends on me actually being able to start on time, which given fidget's current cute state is debatable! he's fallen asleep now, with his head on my right mouse button :-)

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Huzzah! For my performance management course is over. Four days in a row is actually pretty damn tiring. I am very glad my F7 course is structured differently (2 days next week, 2 days the week after). Much better.

Still, the hard work doesnt end here! Have to have done my Course Exam 1 by the end of the weekend (made trickier by my plan to do it on Sunday, forgetting that on Sunday I will be in Kent doing cat-things) so there will be much in the way of studying on Saturday.

I was going to do some tonight, but I'm exhausted. A combination of 40min swim on Tuesday, 45min workout on Wednesday and a late night both on Weds and Thurs. Also, my arm and shoulder muscles are in absolute agony. They were a little achy after the swim, cos I'd pushed myself quite hard. But following the workout my shoulder and wrist areas have been in agony. And then sitting in teh freezing cold air-conditioned room not really moving much has made it all really stiff. Am tempted to have a hot bath. Definately need to wash my hair tonight, so I don't have to get up too early in the morning, so a bath may be a good idea.

Today we are experimenting to find out where Fidget is getting his fleas from. Jamie combed him for about an hour last night, we drowned 22 fleas! Fidget has not been outside since, so when Jamie comes home he is going to comb him again, and if he has few or no fleas (there may be a couple we missed) then we can be certain they are coming from somewhere outside the house. If he's infested again, then there's somewhere in the house we haven't managed to get to. Personally, I'm sure its coming from outside.

Right, off to put some potatoes in the oven and feed the puss-puss.

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My own fault really for staying up later than I should have done last night. I just didnt feel tired!

So I slept too much this morning, and have been gently snoozing all morning. Which is not good, when you're supposed to be learning!

I am aching a lot this morning as well, 40 lengths of the pool last night means my arms/shoulders hate me this morning! I tell you what though, finishing early does wonders for my motivation in going to the pool/gym. Take this evening for example. I will be home by 4.15 at the latest. In the gym by 4.30. which means I will be home again by half 5 probably, which is still earlier than a normal day, and as Jamie's going to the gym as well, I get two whole hours to myself in which to study before Jamie comes home and distracts me with food and fun.

Awesome. Wish every day finished at 4.


Oct. 1st, 2008 12:00 am
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Fleas! Everywhere I go, there are fleas!

admittedly, this is because when in the house, everywhere I go, Fidget goes, and he is the one harbouring all the fleas!

is becoming very irritating now. Still can't frontline him for another week. Flea collar appears to be useless, as he is covered in fleas! Jamie is currently combing him with a flea comb to get them all out. Fidget is purring excessively loudly, at least he was until Jamie tried to turn him over to get to his belly fur! He loves his flea comb, he really does. Its quite pathetic actually.

We de-fleaed the house, but he seems to be bringing them in all the time from the outside. We're half convinced its cos he sits in the patch of sun beneath the holly bush, right next to where Mr Popodopolous (the hedgehog) is living, so they're all jumping onto him there. They don't bother me too much, I don't react much to flea bites, but Jamie is really not happy about the whole thing. Hopefully once the weather properly turns, it will die down again.

We are also suffering the annual influx of spiders, as the weather starts to turn. Lots of the ones with the teeny tiny bodies, and the really long legs. There's about 4 in the bathroom that I know of, three in the dining room and there was one in the kitchen. And I found one in the bedroom the other day as well. No big ones yet, last big spider (by big, I mean hairy and fat and black) was the mouse spider in the toilet a few weeks ago. Which is a good thing.

I rediscovered the joy of Wii Sports boxing this evening. Lots of fun, and surprisingly hard work too.

I have also discovered the weird thing about being in college all day. I don't really speak to anyone there, on account of not knowing anyone at all (having not done day release courses before, I've never met these people before. were I on weekend courses, it would be ok, I would know people), and there's one huge bunch of guys from KPMG who are all too busy talking to each other to be friendly to anyone else. So unlike in work, when I'm talking all the time and emailing Jamie all the time, now I'm sitting quietly not saying anything, not talking to anyone for most of the day. its very odd indeed. I look forward to going into work on Friday and seeing people.

Ah yes, the one other thing of note that I did today - I finally got round to changing my name on Facebook :-) I am now Tink Edwards! Its already confused one person in work!

And since its past midnight, I shall finish by saying Happy Birthday to mr [livejournal.com profile] beavvver  :-)
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Its wee-weeing down outside. I really don't want to go out there, but I have to if I want to eat anything this lunchtime! Guess a quick dash over the road to the station is in order, and some sort of hot steak and ale pasty. Feels very wintry today, I guess its cos I'm wearing extra layers to counter-act the air-con in here, plus all the grey wet weather outside.

I was struck this morning, as I left the house, how weird it feels to be not in work. My routine in the morning when going to my course is identical to my normal work routine, what with the classes taking place in the building next door to my office. I even park my bike in exactly the same space, as the BPP office is also Jamie's office! And of course, it all starts at the same time as my normal working day. Very odd. Sometimes I wish it was more different, or exciting, like how Ros has to get on the train to come into Reading when she's on a course. But then I also think its nice for it to be so much less of a disruption.

Guess i'd best go brave the wet. I'm hungry!

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Although not as a result of the management accounting I have been learning about this morning. Just a regular headache. Probably caused by me having forgotten my orange juice and my raisins today, so having nothing but water to get me through till lunch.

Is weird being here on a normal day, rather than at the weekend. Popped into the office on my way in, to drop off a helium balloon (its our temp's 65th birthday today, so we've made a bit of a fuss) and to turn on my out of office (i forgot to do it on Friday), then left again and came next door to learn.

So far so good, nice easy introduction to the new material, although I'm having to dredge back up knowledge from the first exams I sat, two years ago! Fortunately its all coming back to me, and I think once I've got home and tidied my desk up, I will get out my notes from Management Accounting and have a refresh.

Have also come up with a fairly sensible working/learning/revising plan for the next 10 weeks, which shouldn't be too stressful. At least this week, I only have to concentrate on the one module. Next week things get complicated, as I'll be starting another course!

Anyway, its all going according to plan at the moment, which is the main thing.

Weekend was nice and quiet - didn't go anywhere or do anything (except a couple of short trips into town and one to Morrisons). Made a tasty pork stir fry on Saturday evening, and a really yummy lamb curry last night. Am taking advantage of my finishing earlier than usual this week, so will be cooking a cottage pie tonight as well. We also cleaned up the study and bedroom, hoovered and anti-flea-sprayed. Still have some things to do, laundry and stuff, but the house is actually looking pretty decent now.

Right, better go eat my lunch I suppose.

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so, got my exam results today....

Passed the two I was expecting to pass (with better marks than I was expecting in one of them), and failed the one I was expecting to fail.

so yeah. got what I was expecting, which is nice. Now have to sort out re-sitting under a different syllabus which will be fun. :-)

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