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Feb. 12th, 2006 08:49 pm
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What a fantastic day. Cardiff was great, not raining, only took us an hour and a half to get there. Free carparking. Free tickets to the game. Brand new official replica shirts. New crazy hat with bells on.

And we convincingly beat Scotland. Awesome.

I'm all bouncy its very cool.
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have updated my site with more stuff about my 101 things project, I now have 50 items on my list, am struggling to think of more things to add.

Anyone got any suggestions?
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Okay, so I don't post on here as much as I used to...

Lets see, whats happened recently:

Rugby! Six Nations started in earnest. Saturday was pretty much given over to the rugby, we watched Ireland vs Italy here, then raced to the pub to watch Wales vs England. Game was good, marred only by three things:

  1. Wales lost.
  2. There was a complete twat of an English fan in the pub who was a) obviously ex-public school boy b) didn't know anything about rugby c) extremely loud/racist/offensive towards the Welsh (of whom there were a fair number in the pub).
  3. Jamie and I got very very drunk and (Jamie in particular) were rather unwell. This resulted in bad moods and arguing and stuff.

Sunday was nice and sedate, we had a lie in, went to the supermarket, watched an awesome game of rugby (Scotland vs France).

Rest of this week has been fairly normal, except the servers in Jamie's office broke because of some stupid guy fixing the lifts, so he had two days off work, which wasnt good as he has had loads of stuff going on in work that he needed to be there for.

Yesterday evening, Jamie and I went to the South Reading Leisure Centre, for our gym inductions. A lovely Austrian man gave us forms to fill in, took our money, took terrible photos of us to put on our membership cards, and showed us how to use all the equipment. I was a little scared and nervous cos I'd never been to a gym before, but it was nice. It wasn't too busy there, as there weren't that many people about. None of the machines are complicated, and its all good. After he finished showing us how to use everything, we stayed for a bit longer and did a bit of exercise, but not too much. On Tuesday next week we're going to have fitness assessments done, to see how unhealthy we really are, and to help us work out an exercise plan. All I need to do really is get my general fitness levels up, and lose the slightly wobbly belly I seem to have developed.

The gym membership is actually very good, we're paying 21 quid a month, which gets us unlimited access to 3 Fitness Factory gyms (two of which are within walking distance of our house) and 7 swimming pools, as well as free access to all the group exercises e.g. aerobics classes. And free fitness assessments in the gym. How cool is that.

We're aiming for getting all fit and stuff in time for the start of LRP season. Its going to be cool.

I'm not going to bother with extensive whinging about my job etc now, cos i'm in a pretty good mood and I dont want to spoil it. I have the day off tomorrow, as I am off to hospital in the morning for my consultation with the orthodontist, about the removal of my wisdom teeth. My appointment is at 10.10am, but apparently I have to go to X-ray first, and it says to go there at least an hour before your appointment. however, it then says they wont take another x-ray if your dentist took one in the last 6 months, and i have the one my dentist took at the start of december, so do i need to go to x-ray at all? I'm confused. I guess I'll go to x-ray anyway, and then sit around with a book and my mp3 player until my appointment. it does give me the rest of the day off to do useful things that i otherwise dont have the time to do (don't ask me what they are, I dont know).

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Further to my previous comment about my website, I have now published the new version.

There are many incomplete sections, but I have a plan of action to fill those in over time.

For now, visit www.tinksworld.org to see my progress.

Pages available: photo album, blog, 101 project and artwork.

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Yay I've upgraded my website hosting again. Which means I now have a funky new tool for designing the website.

Still looks the same for now, I'm not uploading anything till its vaguely finished.

can be found as ever at www.tinksworld.org

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