Aug. 17th, 2010

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So yesterday was the first day in our new office. Which meant Friday was a free afternoon off, as we closed up shop at 12 and left as soon as the packing was done.

Jamie and I went to see Toy Story 3 that afternoon. What an amazing movie! Some real funny bits, but plenty of emotion too. It has us in tears. And afterward, when we left the cinema, in order to make myself feel better when I got home, I had to rush upstairs and dig out my old grey rabbit from my toy box, and sat cuddling her for about half an hour on the sofa.

The weekend was quiet, as Jamie had the renewal plot meeting, so I mostly pottered and did housework on Saturday, and Sunday we managed a brief trip to the shops, but otherwise did little.

Yesterday would have been a lot easier if I hadn't been kept awake till the wee hours by neighbours playing crazy loud music, and then getting woken up by same neighbour having a loud shouted conversation at 6am. Getting the train to work doesn't mean waking up any earlier for me, just less snoozing to the alarm as I have to leave the house 15 mins earlier than before. Cycling to the station cuts out a lot of hassle! And then it's a 25 min train ride to Basingstoke, plus about a 7 min walk the other side. I am always going to be late for work, because the train I get doesn't arrive in B till 9.03! And I have to leave dead on half 5 to catch the train home.

New office is nice, smaller than our old one but better laid out and somehow we have more space. But I'm still sat too far away from the girls to be involved in most of the chatter, as I'm stuck in the corner with the rest of Finance, and over time I've come to realise I don't like the other woman in Finance at all, so she's no fun to talk to.

We shall see how long it is before I'm utterly fed up of it.

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