Apr. 30th, 2009

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Workout Five

So today was the difficult day. As last week showed, Thursday is a day when I come home from work and simply cannot be bothered to exercise. Today is made worse by the absense of my training partner, who is oop North getting rained on in a muddy field!

However, big thank you goes to [profile] utopia_necro for making me do it anyway.

Any fears I had that I would get rained on were unfounded, because the sun came out as I was walking to the park.

So 6 repeats of run 90secs walk 120secs later, and I feel great! Right leg started to feel a bit odd on the last cycle, I am attributing this to my sticking to the paths today instead of running on the grass, because it was all damp and I didn't want to a) fall over or b) get wet feet and ankles.

Out of curiosity, I did some heart rate counting while I was out. Didn't do it before I left (which was silly of me), but after my 5 min warm up walk to the park I was on 124 bpm (all numbers are approximate, as I was using the count-for-15-seconds-then-multiply-by-four method, rather than my heart rate monitor). After my first running section, it was more like 138. At the end of my last session, it was still up in the 130s, around 132. When I got home, it was closer to 128 and now I've been sat here for about five minutes, its down to 104. As I said, I have no idea what my normal, resting heart rate is, nor do I know whether these numbers are good or bad.

I think for Sunday's run I will dig out the heart rate monitor and keep track of it all the way around.

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