Apr. 26th, 2009

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Workout Three

So today was the last of the 60secs/90secs rotations. Next week we move onto 90secs/120secs.

Today was much hotter than previous two workouts. Direct sunlight for much of the circuit, plus bizarre cross winds. I do have to get used to running in the sun though, because on 19th July at 3pm its likely to be sunny (I got sunburn last year).

Today I struggled a little bit, possibly a combination of the heat, having a full belly before starting out (there was a much smaller time-gap between breakfast and run, than between lunch and run when I go after work) and maybe not having had a proper nights sleep. Anyway, I was complaining of a stitch after the first 60 second run, and by the 4th cycle I was really starting to struggle. So once we'd done six cycles, we stopped and leaned against a bench in the shade of a rather fabulously old and large beech tree. After a brief rest, I was good to go, and we managed to get through the last two repetitions, neatly finishing at the traffic lights!

Jamie had a massive headache as well, so I'm actually really pleased we made it through.

I only have Jamie for company for one of the workouts next week, as he's away from Wednesday evening till Monday evening. So Thursday and Sunday this week I'll be running on my own, and possibly Tuesday next week also.

Am interested to see how I cope with the new workout...

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