Apr. 23rd, 2009

supertinks: (running cat)

Workout Two

Well I got home from work today and really didn't feel like doing my running workout. Jamie was pretty tired as well (on account of the having to get up really early to take the car to the garage for 8am), but he made me do it.

And I am very glad that he did. A cunning plan to start our workout on the opposite end of the park to the entrance meant we actually finished at the gates, so there was a shorter walk home and a longer walk to warm up with. It was cooler today, as the sky has clouded over, which actually made it easier.

My shins are not very happy, and are the first part of my body to start hurting when I run. However, improvements on Tuesday - I didn't develop a stitch in my side until the 6th repetition, whereas on Tuesday I had one after the first two. So my infallible logic suggests I wont get one at all next time, which is likely to be Sunday morning.

Now I'm just waiting for my dinner to finish cooking - I put jacket potatoes in the oven before we went out for our run, and they're not ready yet,

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