Feb. 16th, 2009

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I had conveniently forgotten about them coming out today, until I saw [livejournal.com profile] black_faery 's post about hers.

So I went to my email and checked, and there they were.

It would appear that in spite of the horrible death-flu, I have managed to pass both exams. Which is a surprise. Not as good marks as I'd like really, 56 and 60. So that pulls my average down, and might make it not worth doing the Oxford Brookes degree bit. But still, a pass is a pass, and I'll take them both quite happily.

Onward and upward! Audit, and Financial Management in June, and then I'll reach that mythical "Part Qualified" status!
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So after crawling into bed on Saturday evening, utterly exhausted from the events of the day, I slept like a log, and woke up bright and early at half eight ish on Sunday morning. I felt completely restored, both physically and emotionally, so I got out of bed feeling pretty good.

It was only after I'd got out of bed and moved around for a bit I realised my legs/arms were a bit sore. All that walking, and stairs, and the cold, and the excitement, and the clapping and cheering and waving and so on from the day before had taken their toll, and my calves, thighs and shoulders in particular were aching.

Since I didn't do much yesterday, apart from sit and watch TV, it just got worse as the day wore on. Even this morning, my legs are still aching. Hopefully after the gym tonight they will get better.

So anyway, yesterday morning I was feeling all refreshed and recovered. Until Jamie put the recording of the game on, and I was transported straight back into the whirlwind of emotions I felt yesterday. Game was just as exciting from an armchair perspective, plus was interesting to hear the commentary/punditry as well as pre- and post-match interviews.

In one of the post-match interviews, one of the Welsh players made particular mention of the atmosphere created by the fans, and the arrival of the bus and things, and it was nice to think "I was a part of that".

Jamie went to the gym once he'd woken up, and I cycled over to Tesco to pick up the ingredients for the curry I'd promised to make him for dinner. Was good to get out of the house and in the fresh air, but I collapsed in a tired heap again when I got back home.

We started watching the Italy - Ireland game, but it got boring in the second half so we went back to bed for a snooze. Then tackled the mountain of washing up, and watched Bee Movie, which was ok - funny in places, but not brilliant.

Then I made a really tasty chicken curry, following a James Martin recipe off BBC Food.

This morning I am experimenting in making my own lunches again, in an attempt to get me away from eating crisps/snacks and drinking fizzy drinks/ribena. So I have two garlic chicken baps in the fridge, with mountains of grapes, and am drinking water. From tomorrow it will be chicken pitta bread with salad, but I did the shopping late so I couldnt have that today.

I cut my fingertip on my knife when I was chopping my coriander. Its not deep, but it was rather irritating. Luckily I didn't get any ginger or garlic into my cut - that would have been horrible.

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