Jan. 17th, 2009


Jan. 17th, 2009 09:15 am
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I did not sleep so well last night. My new neighbour, as I said, is a loud and boisterous sort of fellow, and I woke up some time during the night to discover he was talking - very loudly - outside in the garden, possibly to someone on a phone as I only heard his voice. I'm guessing it was around 2, 2.30am, based on the number of times I woke during the night etc. I'm sure he was probably thinking "I'll go outside so I'm not disturbing anyone", not realising that the alleyways to our gardens act as a funnel for noise, and I could hear every word as if he was standing over my bed!

When he went back inside, still talking, I couldn't hear a word as soon as he closed the door!

Ah well, I was awake anyway so it doesn't really matter. Today we are going to work on moving the furniture around in the bedroom, and cleaning under the bed (I have a sneaking suspicion that the build up of dust under the bed is a contributory factor in our lack of sleep lately). We're going to try a different configuration for the furniture which puts the bed on the opposite wall and gives us space on both sides. There'll be less floor space overall, but more available in the smaller room off to the side, so I'll just have to get dressed in there instead!
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Jamie and I just cooked a massive fry up and oh my god it was tasty. Sausages, bacon, black pudding, scrambled eggs, beans, toast, chips, and fried mushrooms. And tasty V8 fruit and vegetable juice.

I am absolutely stuffed.

And I am sad that I didn't have a camera handy, as Mr Fidget was demonstrating his amazingness really well, I bet none of the rest of you with cats can say with confidence that if you were sat at your dining table eating a meal, and your cat was sitting on the dining table as well, that your cat would completely ignore all the food that was on offer and sit quite quietly at the other end of the table out of the way.

Fidget was sitting across the corner where Jamie's drinks had to go, when I was laying the table. So I said to him "Fidget, you can't leave your bottom there you know" and he promptly got up, walked to the other corner of the table and sat back down, totally out of the way, and then sat very quietly throughout the meal. At one point he got up, but only to move into his bed which is on the table, and he curled up and went to sleep.

He is a professional cat!

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