Jan. 14th, 2009

supertinks: (fidget)
For a cat that getsso antsy about having other cats in his territory, and who frequently launches himself claws first into any cat who dares walk across the fence at the bottom of the garden, Mr Fidget really is quite rubbish when it comes to defending his home from invaders!

I came home from work today, Fidget was in the dining room patiently waiting for me to feed him. I took off my assorted cold-preventing-devices, secured my bike, closed and locked the window, fed the cat. Then I headed, mail in hand, into the living room to sit down, relax and open the mail. What did I find in the living room? Crotchspider! Just standing in the middle of the room, in a sort of "I've just got up from a place where I was very comfy" kind of way. So I picked him up and took him outside. He seemed a bit annoyed, but not really upset. Cheeky bugger.


Jan. 14th, 2009 08:31 pm
supertinks: (loony)
Jamie and I are currently watching a mostly interesting and entertaining program on Military History called "Barbarians II", its about the Saxons. The actual factual stuff is great, its just its being demonstrated through the medium of "really bad reenactment with narration". So the narration is being punctuated with exclamations of "why's he carrying a bastard sword!", or "why's he wearing chainmail! thats made of WOOL!". Seriously, its like a dodgy LRP event. Fibreglass bows, wool chainmail, the lot. Its almost embarrassing.

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