Jan. 7th, 2009

supertinks: (fidget)
So if you think back to before Christmas, you might remember us having bought Fidget a cat bed as a Christmas present. And he fell in love with it immediately (much to everyone's surprise). Well, that bed lives on the dining room table (Except when we need the table for things like eating, board games and suchlike) where Fidget likes to sleep where he can see out of the window at his territory. However, he does get lonely after spending most of the evening sleeping in the dining room, where before he would spend the whole evening curled up on my lap.

So I decided to get him more beds, which can be cunningly situated in the living room and the bedroom, so he always has somewhere comfy to sleep while staying near to us. The one for the bedroom is identical to the original one, just in brown instead of black. The living room one was, by necessity, a size smaller. Big enough to curl up in, but not big enough to stretch out it, in other words.

Pics of Fidget being cute behind cut )
He is incredibly cute and I love him loads.

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