Jan. 6th, 2009

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So I rang my dentist this morning, to double check what time my appointment was for on Monday, as I didn't have it written in my calendar anywhere.

Apparently, my dentist no longer works Mondays and Tuesdays, and the earliest replacement appointment I could have was for 10.25am on Saturday 31st January.

"Screw this," says I, after my complaint to the woman at the dentist of "well I've been waiting to have this work done since August, and you keep cancelling my appointments" fell on seemingly deaf and uncaring ears. Went online, had a butchers for some new dentists. Rang a couple, to find out how much private dentistry costs.

The first practice I rang charged £80 for the introductory appointment, and then charged by time, not by treatment. £57 per 15 minutes. "Sod that," says I. This private dentistry lark is looking to be very expensive indeed. Then I found a much more reasonable one, very nicely situated next door to my vets on London Road. £65 for my inital appointment (including x-rays) and the charges per treatment seem very reasonable. I made an appointment for 12pm on Thursday 15th January. They are posting out the registration forms with my appointment card, so I just have to fill those out before I go.

I then phoned my current dentist back up to cancel the appointment on the 31st. "can I ask why you are cancelling?" says the woman. "I'm going private with a different practice" says I. "oh well, thats your choice" says the woman in what could be considered a rude tone of voice. I don't really care, love. At least now I'll actually get my tooth fixed!

Odd thing to be excited about, but I am slightly excited about the prospect of actual dental 'care', as that seems to be somewhat lacking in the NHS service at the moment.
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Seems to be very handy thing, to keep a list of what I'm up to on here. Not that anyone really cares, I suppose, but at least if you want me for anything you can check first to see if I'll be around. Plus I can look back at it and get all excited about what's coming up next.

So, here's me schedule: )

which basically means that if anyone wants to do anything on the weekends of 17/18 January, 21/22 February or 7/8 March I am available!

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