Jan. 4th, 2009

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So yesterday Jamie and I went on an adventure to London to see the Lion King.

Covent Garden )

Lion King )
After the show, we briefly considered having a drink somewhere but as it was getting on for half 5 on a Saturday everywhere was kinda busy, so we hopped back on the tube, which was heaving, and headed back to Paddington. Found a train headed back to Reading, and jumped on. We briefly considered having a drink in the Oakford when we got back, but decided to just walk home instead. Walked home via Mr Cod, because we had no food for dinner in the house. Came home, collapsed in a heap with our fish and chips (well, my jumbo sausage and chips, and Jamie's mega variety chicken meal) and watched There's Something About Mary.

Today we are mostly tidying up, doing some laundry and taking down the Christmas decorations.
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So my birthday is on a Saturday this year, and just so happens to coincide with the Eurovision Song Contest.

So I was thinking, why not have a fancy dress Eurovision themed birthday party? Who'd want to come?

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