Jan. 1st, 2009


Jan. 1st, 2009 05:06 pm
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Jamie and I need some sensible advice.

That adorable grey cat - Crotchspider - is still hanging around. Its freezing outside, and he's desperate to come in, not just for food but for warmth and attention as well. We've been feeling pretty sorry for him of late, with it being so cold, and we've been letting him in to warm up and eat something, shutting him in the kitchen/bathroom while Fidget is shut in the rest of the house. Last night saw the most pathetic of all - we had the oven on for ages cos we were baking a ham. Jamie let him in, and after eating some food, Crotchy huddled himself up as close to the oven door as he could. He was actually shivering it was that cold.

In the past week (while we've been feeding him at least twice a day), he's put on half a kilo. He was 4kgs when we first weighed him, last night he was 4.5kgs. We couldnt face shoving him back outside in the cold, so reasoned we could probably let him sleep in the bathroom (since Fidget never goes in there anyway). I got some fleeces down from upstairs to make a sort of pillow under the radiator, and he came to me almost straight away, climbed on and curled up. Had a wash (which is probably something he hasn't really been able to do properly out in the cold) and slept. He purred like a demon when I stroked and fussed him too. Fidget didnt' seem all that bothered, but we kept the kitchen door shut to separate them nonetheless.

So our New Years Eve was spent caring for a poor, cold, hungry possibly-stray cat! Up to and including rescuing Fidget's old litter tray from the alley and cleaning it out so we could put it in the bathroom for Crotchy. Just before midnight, I was sat in my armchair with Fidget curled up purring away on my lap, Jamie was outside having a fag. Jools Holland starts the countdown to midnight. I call Jamie in from outside. He comes running in and we welcome the New Year together. Almost as soon as we're done with our clinking of glasses and "Happy New Year"s, the fireworks start outside. Loads of them, and ridiculously loud. It was like the Gaza strip. Fidget instantly gets all angsty, ears flat against his skull. I start soothing him. Then I hear a small noise from the doorway. Crotchspider! Jamie'd obviously left the kitchen door open in his rush to get back in time for midnight, and the fireworks had just as obviously upset Crotchy as much as they'd upset Fidget. Fidget, bless him, didn't move a muscle. You could see he was kind of annoyed at the other cat being there, but he didnt leap up and attack him on sight. Jamie took Crotchy back to the bathroom and sat with him for a while, until the fireworks went away and he calmed down.

Tugs at my heartstrings it does. He was scared, and he knew exactly where we were and came to us for reassurance. He's such a sweetheart.

Anyway, the upshot of it all is he spent the night in our bathroom, he ate roughly 2 pouches worth of food but then wasn't interested in the food anymore (so he does only want the food because he's that hungry, not because he doesnt know when to stop eating), he even used the litter tray, so he was obviously happy about his surroundings and felt safe. Jamie had to kick him out in the morning (after feeding him) and he's been kinda hanging around all day. He's currently outside howling the place down wanting back in.

At the weekend (on Sunday, since we're out on Saturday) we are thinking about taking a photo of him round Liverpool Road and knocking on doors till we find his owner. Doesn't leave us much idea what to do about him in the mean time though. I guess we're going to have to let him sleep in our bathroom overnight, because its so cold and he really doesnt seem to have anywhere else to go.

Fidget was a little put out, but not hugely upset this morning. I don't know how long he'll put up with it though. I've emailed the RSPCA to report my "welfare concern" so hopefully they'll get back in touch sometime this week.

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